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My three babies are the biggest hero in the world!

Three babies in the incubator. Hardly a look. It's Christmas. I feel alone in the hospital. What will happen to us? There are so many requests. Aggуdom and Fes.

A premature baby will quickly bring in the delays

"I decided in my childhood that I would like to be a mother early on, at a young age! Bernadett"When the test turned out to be positive, the first ultrasound was soon over. Our doctor saw two babies. We were not surprised because we had a lot of twins in our family, so we were very happy! . Because of the twin pregnancy I had to rest a lot and get under control! "

Mammy! No two, three…

Berni was confronted at the next examination that three babies were in her tummy, not two. Habrom Lakou. Triple twins. "From happiness and surprise, neither I nor my husband knew what to give birth, but it was an incredible pleasure to hear and hear three heartbeats! Everything went well during the period, the little ones developed all at once, and they passed every stage of development. Doctors have prepared Bernie and congratulated her that babies may arrive sooner and become pregnant. " I started to worry more seriously. I was more pregnant than I was, although it was harder to get close to the end, but I had to keep myself up. "

What happens now… ?! It's only week 28

Bernadett woke up at dawn to his belly. Then she was pregnant at 28 weeks. They also went to the hospital for unusual sensation. But in the end, he tells me that they did well to get started right away. "That day the kids were born: Milбn, Bennett, Hanga. We do not know what triggered the early childhood. Perhaps our babies have signaled that they want to come because they don't get lost. I really wanted to carry them with me in my tummy, but I feel like they decided they wanted to be in our arms! Everything went so fast - instant cesarean section. I couldn't hear their voices because they were taken away soon, I couldn't see or touch the babies there! I was worried about values ​​and just wondered when I could admire them. The moment came when I got to know them. I was beside me every minute of the day. They went to an incubator, but fortunately their condition was stable. The weight was barely 1 kg, even though they were so strong. What they did to get stronger and be with us as soon as I could was the miracle. that they came so early. I kept to myself at the beginning, but then I changed things completely. … They were tiny, and the questions in my mind were - what about us, what if…? I was worried and scared. from the incubator, to cover it, to wrap it.

My husband was my support

After going home, my baby and I were with the baby several times every day. He has helped me a lot in spiritual and every other way. Of course, it was the children who gave power. At first they ate breast milk through a probe, but I could breastfeed them sooner. As their condition became stable and out of the intensive care system, I also rested and continued to grow at the same time. " in the last month we caught up with babies born with normal weight. Soon the twins will be 4 years old. The little bad bones are gone and when I look at them I always think they are the biggest Heroes in the world! "Related materials:
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