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Advent calendar for busy mothers

"Need to sleep yet?" This is the request we are being asked. "How much sleep to my birthday? How much sleep to Christmas? How much sleep to break?"

In this case, we calculate how many days are left before the due date, or we can still discuss that many or few, because the next question is how many days do you have to sign, the days, so the time will be more tangible, and perhaps it will be easier to interpret what that might mean. Because of course there are surprises, but the cost of waiting is very important. "It does not lead to happiness. It is happiness itself." (Buddha) Advent is a time of bloodshed, a time to pause, rest, spend a little more together.

Advent calendar is first for a mother-made child

Legend has it that the Advent calendar was invented by a mother whose little son asked her every day to sleep well until Christmas. To do this, the mother cut windows into a cardboard sheet, which she made icing, making it easier to wait. When the boy started to grow into a chocolatier.Although these Advent calendars are still available today, it is better to make your calendar more personalized and to make it yourself. there is probably no place in the home to expose it. The first Advent calendar idea I brought to help me with all of my problems.

Matchbox Advent Calendar

Matchbox Advent Calendar

What you will need:
  • Medium Match (7.1 * 5.3 cm)
  • Template (click on the template link to download)
  • Making it very simple: Print out the template I made, then cut it out and stick it on the matchbox. Download the template here. In this Advent box we can make small gifts day in, day out, or some tidbit that has some kind of common activity. To count the number, we circle the number to see how the days pass.You may also have a game to look for the box. the search engine can be like hot and cold games, but you can also create a map.Ideas to put on a small calendar:
  • Community games: social, card games
  • Honey cake
  • Funny tasks, inquiries
  • Kйzmыveskedйs
  • A great night out in the secluded city
  • A good fairy tale movie with a hot chocolate
  • Tumble Together!
  • Draw together in a painting. There are also adult coloring that children love.
  • Fold the paperback and then compete.
  • Apricot trinkets: glass ball, pencil, hairpin, cooler, pebbles
  • Goodbye, because nowadays your chocolate comes with it.
  • Calendar for baby dolls

    This Advent calendar is also quickly completed, and especially if you have a lot of cute little things to do.

    What you need for the baby socks Advent calendar

    What you will need:
  • 24 small socks
  • 24 pcs of tweezers
  • decorative plaster
  • tape
  • The babies quickly outgrow the little socks, and they are very showy in themselves, so they are pinned down on a beautiful ribbon.

    Calendar for baby dolls

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