What kind of chocolate and bunny do Easter bunny bring?

How old is the age and what can we give the child? And how much can we spend at Easter? Chocolate Selection Tips and 2017 Chocolate Pattern.

The Smarties chocolate bunny is sure to be a big success

Chocolate is the highlight of most celebrations, and it is not another Easter. However, there are a few rules to keep in mind so that little ones can get one of the most popular treats.

Can you give your child chocolate when you are old? And what kind of chocolate do we choose?

Kids love chocolate - that's right. Even if many parents take great care to give their children chocolate as soon as possible, and of course, if they can, this is a good quality sweetness. so that not only the sweet nose is the consuming of the sweetness. However, it is almost impossible to avoid chocolate - especially during the holidays. If we don't give the baby, you will surely have a relative or friend who wants to please the baby. However, it is not a matter of how old or how old children are getting chocolate. It is worthwhile to pay attention to a few things in order to make chocolate "safe". "Under no age should chocolate be added for children, "he points out Gyцrki Nikй, a dietitian, a member of the Hungarian Dietetic Association is one of the main rules. However, the expert also adds that when it comes to chocolate, we try to choose quality varieties, that is, to choose chocolate with a higher cocoa content. dietitian for the little chocolate, adding that it should not be a routine thing in our diets, enough once a week, up to two times a week. " This is the kind we expect of a child up to 3 years of age "- advises Nikö Györki.

What do businesses and how much do they sell?

Once you have learned what to give your little ones and how old they are, they can start our Easter shopping routine. When making chocolate, we are prepared to make quality, that is, higher quality cocoa skin chocolate bunnies, chocolate eggs are more expensive, but as the expert suggests, it is worth choosing them. (We also note that not all eggs or bunny chocolates have some - and this is stated on the product - made from chocolate milk.) They are sold in most stores chocolate eggs for around 100 HUFbut we also get bigger eggs and rabbits for a few hundred forints. If you are thinking of smaller packages with more than one figure, then Easter prices are closer to 1000 US dollars, and if you choose plush configuration, you can do more.

Shops and bracelets

(Prices and products are for information only and are based on information available on the store website.)Tesco
Here you can get chocolate eggs from 125 forints (this is a small 15 gram Boci milk chocolate egg), but the stuffed version of the genus (egg filled with Boci Aero balls) is 679 forints in 100 grams. Milka 50 grams chocolate costs 489 HUF, while 100 gram Tibi costs 599 HUF. If you choose a plush configuration, you will have to fit it into your pocket as soon as possible, with the Kinder Joy Garden Plush Model at $ 1079.Auchan
Tibi's Easter Chocolate Eggs, 20 grams and 129 forints, but small 5 grams of Easter milk chocolate figures can be bought for as little as 59 forints. The Szerencs milk or chocolate bar in 30 grams is 219 HUF (the 26 gram version is 159 HUF). A 20 gram paelo of egg with erythritol costs 169 forints. The 75 gram Kinder Surprise Necklace is $ 799.Aldi
The 55 gram Kinder chocolate bar comes in at 399 forints. The Choceur chocolate bar, which includes peanut milk chocolate, is $ 599, 200 or 175 grams. The 70 gram boci Easter chocolate bar is 399 HUF. And if you buy a plush fig with 90 grams, you have to spend 1999 forints. The 130 gram Easter pack full of cocoa milk wrapping figures is 299 forints. Spar
With a 40% cocoa content, 20 grams of Easter egg is 59 forints, and the Easter milk chocolate handle, 40 grams, is 129 forints. The 70 grams of Boci milk chocolate sticks at 399 forints. The 50 gram Milka bunny costs the same. The 115 gram Boci Easter bag in a 115 gram pack is 699 forints and the same is the 79 gram Kinder Mix. The Kindertojb is 199 forints.
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