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Summer tubs - a guide for beginners

Should I send you to the age of fat? Where to go? Are you sure she'll be okay with her? Should I call or wait, what's your name?

Summer tubs - a guide for beginners

Parents' vacations are never as long as school holidays. Children are worried about independence, and we can brainstorm how to resolve it. It can be a rewarding experience if the grandchildren can spend a portion of the summer on their grandparents. And where there is no other way, the comers are coming. The supply is abundant, the whole business is built for parents' wallets and children's leisure. Log on, boogie, program guide sites, culture houses. But when making a decision, we should primarily consider the aspects of our child.

Sweet nonsense

It's not good to have a kid all summer long. Try to spend at least one of your parents' few days at home with your child. This is the time to visit the old jeep, invite your friends, and enjoy a bit of idle time. In the turf, the time is divided in the same way as in school. At this age, the time spent with parents is a real rest for our child. We strive to enrich these days with ease, even if we do not travel. Conversations, conversations, games are always very important in our emotional lives. It is not the remoteness and exotic nature of the resort, but rather the richness of nature that makes public holidays richer. Be the first in our summer plans time for the family.If your child is an entrepreneurial spirit, he or she would probably want to go to more places. Each of them offers exciting adventures, interesting activities, trying to make time for some ... but no problem, the rest can be divided, х says. Бm the excessively populated poplar does not provide any overpowering, too many edits are unprocessed. When he arrives in March from one of the fields, he goes back to school by the end of September.


The rambunctious may not at all dare to leave without his parents. Do not force it when it is in the air, rather, we "practice" recruiting together. There are several life-changing clubs, dance clubs, water parks for parents and children. That way, with the strangers in the presence of strangers, your parents can experience the benefits of recruiting in a more secure environment. If we work together for a few years, sooner or later we will find ourselves with familiar kids and maybe bigger brothers. In some schools, we organize a forest school, a week-long vacation for the big groups. You and I seem to be more visible to us than we are to the seedling, because in the life of the preschool, this is proven more by the children than at home in the presence of their parents. Ask your opinions, let go of it, and most of all, ask the kid if you want to be away for a week. In fact, the school-based forest school is not a freely chosen program - anyone who does not go to school must visit the parallel classroom. Familiar kids, knowledgeable educators - if you love them - definitely have a good week. summer sunbathing. You can make new friendships, get to know some civic activities and games that your school has no time for. The disadvantage is that it is a bit like school and would be boring all summer long. sporttбborokban we can introduce our seedlings to each sport. Whether it's sunbathing, or "sleeping there," we can count on one of the sports activities in the afternoon and the dune. Especially the fun number where you can try some attractive, exciting, new sport (horse riding, sailing wine). Continuing to play regularly throughout the year (summer) is a summer task, not a reward. Nor do we expect our children to learn to grow in the wilderness in a few weeks.

Szlli help from the backyard

- We should consider your own sanity, your credibility, but the most important thing is whether he wants to leave at all. There is no obligation to recruit, but actually, opportunity.- Prepare for your well-being for a week. Let's pack your clothes together so you know what you have at all. Put the lingerie in a small bag so that it does not tip and give it a bigger bag. Handy, clean hanging equipment is practical. Light clothing is also sufficient, short trousers, swimwear, pajamas, trench coat, trench coat, closed shoes are important. Let's put a little surprise in your luggage to keep it dry when you unpack it.- Don't stay at home with your favorite teddy bear or mascot! situations where you are still unsettled (shower set-up), but you are certainly asked (will you have to eat everything?). Let us encourage you to contact the educator with any care, as he is now replacing us. When you get started, it might be different to dress up in a cool, cool image if your wardrobe has become more insane. Do not ruin your enthusiasm for criticism!Instead of Aggуdбs…
A number of situations come to our mind: what could happen if - but with concern - we cannot influence events. Let's get our thoughts working ("clean up" your room, paint the walls), and use your free time to refresh yourself. Less ideas: "I'll call her every night." This disrupts the life schedule of our lives and causes sadness in other children. Maybe the baby's affection for his parents in front of his companions, or just waking up to his home even though he has just taken over.- "I'll give him a cell phone to go home." Guided by your instantaneous sensations, you might be hesitant, even though you have spent most of your time there. He got angry with his girlfriend, got fucked, got a goulash, or talked about - very important to him, but with these sensations at this age he can cope alone.- "Leugrom to see it." Only if this has been agreed with the educator. We do not need to extend our Szllich scope everywhere. Let us trust our educators if we let our child go and let him / her stabilize, which is the essence of recruiting.
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