More and more women are getting cancerous obesity

More and more women are getting cancerous obesity

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Twenty years from now, more British women will be more afflicted by obsession than by smoking. In the case of British men, it will take longer for the trend to change.

More and more women are getting cancerous obesityAccording to Cancer Research UK, a public cancer research organization in the UK, the trend is reversing within twenty years: then, for British women, cancer is the cause of cancer, not smoking. Men have to wait longer for this because there are more males in the UK than women. Currently, 12 percent of cancers in British women can be associated with smoking and 7. However, the level of obsession is rising, and smoking is falling, so that within 25 years there is no difference among the causes of choice. By 2035, it has been estimated that 10 percent of cancerous diseases are responsible for cancer and 9 percent for overweight. And by 2043, the price will reverse: more cancers will be prevented by obesity than cancers. Smoking is reported to cause, among other things, acute myeloid leukemia, lung, bladder, intestine, neck, pancreas, and stomach. Other cancers that can be linked to overexertion or obesity include intestine, gallbladder, kidney, liver, breast, ovarian and thyroid glands.Linda Bauld, an expert on cancer in the organization, stressed that the British government should take action to prevent cancerous diseases caused by obesity. As pointed out, overweight children are twice as likely to become overweight.
Bauld recommends introducing precautionary measures such as prohibiting the promotion of fast food at 9 o'clock in the evening and limiting the price of a few wholesome foods.
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