Eszter Valkу: "It was difficult to accept that I couldn't get pregnant on a natural evening"

It took her a long time to have Esther Valkou, after 44 years of cuddling, her child born to a successful flask program.

Esther Valkou told Best that "the first scare was not caused by fear, but rather by myself. It was very difficult to accept that I could not become pregnant naturally. (…) They were first insulted by insemination and then followed by a flask program, but the situation seemed very hopeless. The insinuation was followed by a flask "Thirty years later, I said if I wasn't 40 by then I didn't want to. Then I met Petit and it turned out that basing a family is not easy. I started that it would be the last one, "Valky said. This is the last thing that has succeeded. Esther Valko will likely have a baby boy in the Netherlands in the spring.Related articles in flasks:
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