Instruction Book - Part 3First week in ward

After a long period of work, we decided that Dani Apa would do the training all the way. Their timing is more flexible and easier to solve the coming men and women.

The first day we had to go into the wilderness for a night out, from 10am to 11pm, for a short play. Because of the bad weather, the kids were playing inside, Dani was joining in, cooking and driving. She was open, she was friends with the others, she told the caregivers, she was jovial. When that one hour came to an end, he generally didn't want to leave, he didn't like having to go to the best part of his job. Anyway, it would be so easy every day!
On the second day, we had to go by 9am and stay until 11am. The kid who has been up late at least at weekends is still pulling the pear-skins at eight. At times when I would give you cash, I'm starting to worry. How are we gonna be ready? You should have breakfast, too, because there is breakfast at eight o'clock in the ward, stewed little yogurt or fruit and nothing else. Clogs, motoslocks, I wake up, Dani, don't want to go anywhere, he wants to play his cars at home. It is very difficult for them to start with Dad by the time they enter, and the rest are playing in the garden. Sandblasting, motoring, for the time being, Dad's still there. Now it turns out that the Absolute Absolute is wiped by Uncle Tibi, the caretaker who just wins a straw that day. The little ones are blissfully cursed and look at her. Dani is particularly fond of the fireplaces, and after returning home she dumbs down all over the garden with the plastic fireplaces. Probably as a result of this, we found a tick in Dani's head that night in the hair wash. Huge and weird whites. Could this shampoo have made you so white? Anyway, the tick worries us, and we're starting a wild search on the net for what to do.
Planning for a third day here, optimum solution there, Daddy has an unexpected thing to do, that day I'm going to Dani's ward. It is hard again in the morning. Dani doesn't want to go, she wants to play at home, she tells me to tell, and I hurry, we have to move, have breakfast, we'd have to get there before and after. Dan does not like to go out and eat or go out to the kids (he calls his wits), and he keeps saying, "Fuck, Mom, Fuck." I have to make every play of my mind to enter 9 hours. Inside, he's humorous, sandy, and ready to slip down the slipway. After a little play, Vali, the caregiver, asks me to leave the yard for a short while. I peep out of the room, I see what Dani is doing. He's looking for a little bit, but he's still playing. So when I come back, it will be virtually dry. In addition, we had lunch there that day, and they still helped him. But the wash goes through the purple faucet alone, and then we find the turkey, which is under their sign. Bsky shows me that the croissant (his sign) is on a wardrobe. The lunch is cauliflower. Minimal fritters and a sumptuous homemade breakfast do the job - Dani is a wall who hasn't eaten in days. What they didn't understand was that they get fruit after cookers and huss. I'm not a dietitian, but to the best of my knowledge, it doesn't work. Why don't you get more fruit for your fires? That's what I'm going to ask you about. During lunch, they prepare the little ones. Dani wants to go to bed, but it'll be another day's adventure. I'm afraid when we get there, he won't even be able to go out of his mind. That night, we find a tick in Dani's thigh. And on the back of the nape a dowel under the tongue. Two ticks in two days, plus a tick - let's put it more than an alarm. We worked out where you could take it. You can't be in witchcraft, you have fresh-cut bushes, there are no bushes to hide under. Then at home in the garden? Again we cover the Internet because everywhere we hear, the tick cannot be eradicated under EU regulation. Let's try to find out what's true about this. Hey, what can you do about ticks? Do we look in vain as our numbers keep growing and dreading? Vaccination is not enough protection. At the level of anti-tick spray, Dani was all butchered. The most worrying thing, however, is the mare. I want to send a message to Andi, one of the caregivers who, fortunately, has a cell phone to go to the doctor next morning. So much for the design…
Day four starts with the pediatrician. It reassures me that the mucous membrane, which is a large lymph node swelling, is far enough away from the tick site to be suspect. For example, a virus infection that a child's body copes with. But wait and watch. Bottleneck, flu-like symptoms, fever may indicate an infected tick. Slightly lenient, Dani had never worn her hood off in the morning like she did when she got up. And his nose is flowing. Luckily we have a fantastic homeopathy doctor, and if he says we're waiting, then I'm waiting. But I'm not at ease yet. By the time Apb enters, it's 11 pm. The program is played in the yard, and Dad can go on the bench. He's with Dani Vali, who asks between two bikes about where Dad is, but he reassures himself to tell him he's inside, expecting them to go home after lunch. There has been a serious shift in confidence, and after some agreement, Vali will still be able to replace the pelus. In the meantime, it turns out that somehow the group has a group inside. That is, the two are caring for the eight children together, but for example, Dani is engaged in Vali, who watches with him, and is more likely to form a bond. He also allows you to tie it to your neck for lunch, something you don't even like at home. Dear Dodou - Help Vali after lunch and discuss that Dani will be sleeping with the others by the week. Dad is down the hallway all the time, Dani only goes out after lunch. They agree that the beleaguered Vali is confident that everything is going great for Dani.
The last day of the first week is over again. Dad has a job and I have an appointment with the government early this morning. I'm angry because he started getting used to it because he said he could design his programs that way. I've been waiting for this for a long week now, I can't give up, no fairy tale, Dani comes with me in the morning. After a well-worn morning, we fall into the end of Tzorzan. Dani hasn't eaten all morning, wolf-hungry, I ask Vali if she could ask for a smoothie in the kitchen. Not possible. I'm trying to explain that Dani's not having breakfast, she's not going to freak out, and I don't know why she can't. And Vali doesn't understand why I didn't understand, this is the schedule, the end of the fire, and what we're up to. I'm sorry to say, I'm sorry, we're not lying down at home on a big nap, you can't. I knock on the kitchen and ask if there is anything left. All jugs are empty. I surrender myself, a series of applause follows, why I didn't buy something, why I don't have any gold in my book right now, who's going to click in the heat for me and so on. One of the nanny's arrivals is coming. No problem, he made a batch of milkshakes. I'm sorry. When I knew we had to be in order, I seemed to get used to being parents, and it wasn't that easy. We seem to be undisciplined at first sight, simply because life has not stopped us from starting to do wickedness just now. I think I should have planned this week much more carefully. Daddy's work, and I prefer to give up this morning session. Nothing could be more important at this time than helping us fully with this process. Even if it seems a bit impossible to do business. Even though I am doing it, on the bench, Dani is really sanding and motoring in the yard. Strangely, he is not willing to rock and slither. In the midst of a fire incident, the driver's office also reaches. Kindly come out and ask me what the problem was. I don't want to do something that is not really, so I ask if everyone has such a difficult beginning. At reassure, it is only natural that children who are very attached to our parents protest in the beginning would rather play at home. Let's be patient. It usually takes two weeks for a rhythm to develop, and the little ones accept to start in the morning. Hopeful. It's a week to get to the idyllic status…