Pregnant Baby: Lilla

Carrying, sleeping, knitting, lots of friends: Lilla and Panni's mom, Lviv, swears by them.

- Very ready for the natural delivery of the cup. How did it turn out?
"Of course it's all right when the end is, and Lilla's baby is a sweet, healthy, calm baby." But things didn't go the way I wanted them to. We went back to the same doctor, dr. To Valent Sándor. Only the town is not the same, Panni was born in the Cathedral, and now we are saving the Ьllхi ъtra.
- How did you get started?
- We wanted the cobblestones to start and get in. There the trouble began that it was a "big farm". I went to a powerful butter shop, where they waited for a beaker. It just didn't go, I didn't go any further.
- It was so big zsъfoltsбg - Zoli, now the father of a two-child - interrupted, that a pregnant mother had just been taken over because there was no room in the guard.
"I understood later," Lvvia continues, "that under such circumstances, the process of stopping can really stop." My doctor's up mûtétet is recommendedand consent. But I didn't give up! Since then, I have been talking to professionals, nurses, dabbers, babysitters, and I think there is still a chance to give birth.
- How did the first days pass with Lill?
- We got the single room, we went there, I got the baby right away, I wouldn't have delivered it. however egyedьl I stayed, I didn't get any help with the baby. I remember how much Panani felt about babies getting so busy with us! Luckily, they had a lot of visits, everyone was in, and breastfeeding was easy from the first moment.
- Did you start with your first baby?
- Oh, that was a scare. We drank her glass of breast milk for two weeks, helped her with her help, patience and ended up sucking Panni for two and a half years.
- How did the life of the family develop in Hungary?
- Consciously we were getting ready for the little one, so we knew we would sleep together on each one. It is good for Pannin, but more importantly, we believe in this: the calmness of the body.
- I see how much you want to say about this.
- Yes, I'm ready! Because I want to share with everyone who reads how happy and balanced your family is hands are raised! If we keep our children's needs in mind! I believe in carrying babies, I used to tie Panni in a circular cloth, and Lillt in the first minute I put on elastic cloths and now in a buckle. So she sleeps best in the sun, she can get my hands on it and do my homework. Finally, the stroller has been forgotten. I also believe that a baby mother can give each other so much good! Our guardian organized us to meet weekly. We call our club a cheerful family of fifteen to twenty, all like a mother and a little kid. And that's not all: I'm a member of the La Leche Liga group every month, and we even have a fitness club ... And just to name a few, the little mom's life is all about.