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6 tips and babies fall will be clean

How do I know my child has been killed for room cleanliness? And how can I help him with this? How do I get started? If you are overwhelmed with these requests, our tips may be of help to you.

Children spend most of the time between two and three years on room cleanliness. In the early days of textile diapers, thirty to forty years ago, it was not uncommon for other years to be partying. In today's world of comfortable disposable diapers, accustomed to room cleanliness has gone a little further, which is not a problem at all, as a toddler needs to get by. necessary level of development.Accordingly early party routine, our mothers and grandmothers - contrary to their will - can cause anxiety in the child, which can affect everyone forever. problems with difficulty with development and retardation It may have caused.

1. Indicates if you are requesting a clean diaper

THE diaper dropping summer is the best time for you because you don't have to wash more layers of baby clothes in the heat. If you can, you can run naked in the yard and experience the sensation of nappy liberating. At about two years of age, little ones are already bothered by wet or kinky diapers, most often when they ask for a change. When this period begins, your child is ready for room cleanliness. It is important that you never compare your child to others. According to research, girls will be a little roomier than boys, but even within the sexes. The point is that it should never be easy getting used to a party just because the neighbor's toddler is already there. Of course, kids will be too full of nappies, if they are mature enough, do not force them just because it is summer.

2. So persistent and consistent!

You have to accept that room cleansing does not go from one day to the next, and can even last for long weeks. It is a huge change in your baby's life to leave the diaper, and you may not be able to understand it if you tell her how much more comfortable it is to wear small underwear or pink lace panties instead of diapers. Consistency dictates that you add white to your baby, but it should never bother you unless you are born and it pees. You will feel the difference because your little ones will not retain the moisture, but you may need to change it several times a day at first.If . Baby shops can get you developed for this purpose I'm used to diapers, you can try them too.

6 tips and babies will be clean in the fall (Photo: Europress)

3. Your child is watching it

Children may differ from each other during their withdrawal. Some people worry about the party without worrying about it, and even like to look at books, others prefer to follow the adults, and it is more worthwhile for them to have a toilet. And there are children who are not initially flabbergasted by any solution, but at the same time they suddenly feel the need for no more diapers, and from now on, they will use party or toilet.Because children are keen on helping with their homework, allow them to clean the toilet after use, as they become accustomed to room cleanliness. Therefore, all children, regardless of their interest, will be enthusiastic.

4. The potters do not play

But billiards can be more than that! The selection of baby shops and toilets in the toilet is a ubiquitous one. You don't necessarily have to buy the most expensive musical parties, gays or car shapes, because you are not playing for the kid. At the same time, to keep your party habits entertained, it is up to you. Being creative, guessing games, like peeing a duckling pee, "watering" the animals the kids adore. Successful use is always rewarded, but it doesn't matter if you just don't. The most important thing is that always encourage the child, and you can do it in a playful form most effectively.

5. Relapse is natural

Do not despair if your child is temporarily relapsed and needs diapers again. Changes can take on the little ones, and it can easily happen for weeks that a clean kid will pee again. Don't make it a problem and don't punish it a thousand times. THE visszaesйst it can be done by the birth of a little brother, because in this case the children still want their mother's attention, and this is achieved if they need to be diapered again like their little brother. You can toss the baby out of balance when it comes to waking up, or it can upset the weekdays when traveling to a foreign place.

6. You may need nappies at night

Because your baby can use the party reliably during the day, the diaper may still be needed at night. This transition period can last until adulthood, but it may take longer. When you wake up in the morning after waking up and find that your diaper is dry after a few days, you can try to quit the night. There are children who may need this alsуnemыben sleep.If you require it, feel free to add it. You can avoid bedtime inconvenience with the use of rubber sheets, but it also helps you to sleep calmly and dry at night, if you do not drink and sleep before bedtime. getting used to room cleanliness is a process that should always be started as soon as the child's needs and development develop. Good luck!
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