5 signs that it is time to turn to an allergologist

Where is the point when you really should not procrastinate any more and consult a specialist for allergic symptoms?

5 Signs to Turn to AllergologyWhen you've been taking the familiar benefits of a friend for a while, combined with a non-prescription allergy remedy, but the symptoms still go away? If we can't concentrate on work in the daytime because of nasal congestion at night? Or even in more severe cases, such as chronic nasal inflammation, or if there are signs of asthma in the first place? Dr. Krisztina Moric, an allergologist, is a physician at the Allergy Center in Buda.

What Medication Can You Help?

Heartburn, itching, runny nose, nasal congestion - who first experiences it allergy symptoms, you can easily believe it. However, if the symptoms do not improve over time, or may have occurred during this time last year, we may suspect allergies. In such cases, many people run into the pharmacy, have some kind of anti-allergy medication, nasal drops, and hope for improvement. Without a prescription, however, we can only obtain certain active ingredients against allergies. At the very least, it is not certain that the active ingredient in our complaint is the right one, And just in the bag as we take it. As with nasal sprays, it is worth knowing that allergic nasal congestion can be most effectively eliminated by using a steroid-containing formulation for prolonged periods of time. This, however, is only available on prescription. The treatment is always the same, and it is based on symptoms and allergies, in many cases combining both malignant and non-malignant. In addition to the symptoms, there is also the possibility of long-term treatment, which can also be obtained by prescription. If the patient is suitable, allergic immunotherapy may be initiated at that time.

Untreated allergies can result in consequences

If you have symptoms of blueness, if you have no fever or any other symptoms suggestive of being cold, then it is worth examining your allergy. If the symptoms go away, they will continue to show up in the following year in case of allergy, the allergenic plant will pollinate in time. With the examination and treatment we can do it right away. Many people do not take their allergies seriously, so let's not think that a slight nausea symptom is still a problem. In case of untreated allergy chronic inflammation of the mucous membrane can also lead to chronic inflammation of the nasal passages. Asthma is common in patients with heart disease and may develop new allergies. There are also more common mental illnesses, and it clearly reduces the quality of life if we are unable to rest at night, if we have blurred or itchy eyes, and sometimes our daily sickness or sickness is affected.

When should we not postpone seeing a doctor?

  • Nasal congestion - Ear-nasal surgery is important because nasal polyps or nasopharynx can be present in the back, not just allergies.
  • Weeks of sore throat, runny nose, runny nose - may be a symptom of sadness.
  • Itchy, red, tender eyes - if both are affected by eyes and there is no purulent reaction, you should be aware that they are not infectious but allergic to otitis externa which may be a symptom.
  • Coughing, irritation, nighttime coughing - It may also be a symptom of asthma, but it can be caused by a chronic pharyngeal rupture due to chronic nasal inflammation. If the underlying disease is respiratory allergy, then the cough will only be eliminated by treating the patient.
  • Chest tightness, tight sensation in the chest and weightlessness - in addition to nighttime cough, the typical symptoms of asthma. It is often the result of improperly treated allergy events.
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