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How do I introduce solid foods when the baby is breastfeeding and receiving nutritional supplements? Nothing on the breast milk, leave the formula!

Addition instead of selection

Sometime during the summer, we exchanged letters about a breastfeeding problem (Andris, who was born with a skull, and received early discharge from the hospital). We have continued feeding with breastfeeding (we are wearing our fourth line :-)) and the bar does not feed, but the milk item has increased to about one third of your daily amount, , eating just a little less puppies compared to weight, now decreasing and gaining in weight, now 8.3 kilos). Apples, peaches are just a little cherry ready to eat, and he seems to like sour tastes. Usually you get two times, around dinnertime and on the evening of dune, after the suckling. Now they usually eat a quarter or half of an apple for a meal, with the required eight to ten grains in sour cherry. We would also like to start introducing the cookers slowly, and we would like to ask for help. Apart from eating and sleeping in the sun during the day, it is not very cute, we are alive, inquisitive little guy, he does not like to spend a lot of time in one place. With such a mixed diet, how do you get lucky cookers? Do you always have to breastfeed with the Nutritionist, with a reduction in dietary intake? We only have to cook it once a day, and keep the fruit next to it? We just kept on eating, the little ones, because we could not mix the other, 1 go through the thickest tube, and I thought it was more important to stay on top of our milk than to get bigger first. As Andris grew so well, the doctor left us ...
SzilviAnswers by Renata W. UngvŠ±ry Breastfeeding Specialist IBCLC:
Dear Szilvi,
First of all, I congratulate you on your persistence and the fact that despite the difficulties, you were able to shape breastfeeding in this way! He did a lot and can give so much to Andris, if it turns out that a baby will be breastfeeding and nutritional in the first half of the year, time to introduce solid diets is a good time to get rid of formula. He was also very good at always giving Andris a starter formula, as they were better suited to the needs of infants than the two of them. (And in a matter of weeks, the SNS probe is better shifted.)
However, there is no need to select a breastfeeding solid. Unfortunately, this is a common, very widespread miscommunication that in many cases leads to premature separation of infants. This is the case when you need to stop breastfeeding on a daily basis because of your workload. In this case, too, you have to take care of Andris every day when you need it, or you may want to breastfeed. In this case, always put it on your breast without SNS, suck it all from your breast, and then, if you feel the need, taste it with some fruit! Very good are the combinations that Andris has given so far, the sour cherry is healthy, not bad at all, and not abnormal if a baby sticks to one or two tastes at certain times. If you feel this is a drastic change, reducing the dietary dose to the SNS by 50 grams per day can completely eliminate it in just one week. The only problem with it is that it is indispensable in the case of a type of food, some of which is liquid or water or breast milk or formula. From an energy point of view, it doesn't really matter how much fluid we mix with how much dry matter, how much fiber, vitamin content, and what's specifically in the steaks. how much the baby should eat and what it is, just as it is a pointless suggestion for a mother to breastfeed her baby. The problem with these sketches is that they are diverting attention from the essentials: - One thing is clear is that the portions are made by the baby himself: you have the right to decide how much you ask, how much you want to eat. What if he doesn't need fifty grams, or just does it in words? light grams. It is better to call attention to how to provide better, nutritious foods to your child, such as tasting, eating, and eating whole grains. We ALWAYS start with the needs of the baby, not the baby. We do what we know is best made for him and then eat or not. If not, then we turn, no effort, no compulsion, no worry about what will happen now. Nothing. When you need it, you will certainly eat and accept it, assuming your supply is healthy and not, for example, a summary. and then heat as much as the baby desires. Now is the time to stop using SNS!
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