Room Cleanliness: 6 proven methods

How do you get your baby used to the party? First, a lot of patience… and a little humor. Of course, you need a good method. We show you six, you just have to choose. Which one will you pay for?

Every small child has a different method

There is no one guaranteed method that works for all children. You have to figure out what is good for you and your child.

Wait, wait, then pee

The method:
You can see it much when your child is over 2 years old. Watch for the signs, but do not force them into anything. Put a party in the bathroom, but don't insist on using it. If, on the other hand, you have a party, praise it.Elхnyцk:
Less frustration, less accidents (at least theoretically). Once your child has been killed, this method will quickly become room clean. Hбtrбnyok:
You bet that this method will carry your child longer than a baby.Is this something for you?
If your child is performance oriented (for example, if you have a bigger sibling you want to compare to) then this is a method for you. Especially if you don't forget the diaper.

Billy's plan

The method:
Set a specific time to become accustomed to room cleanliness. Let's say a month before you start school, just concentrate on that. Stay at home or close to your home and gently guide your child toward the bathroom (at least every 30 minutes) (always asking if you need to pee, this will help him recognize your senses). By the end of tomorrow your baby will be clean, if not completely, but partly. Some people have a week to do this, in that case, they are not giving you a week, just a party.Elхnyцk:
Your child needs to focus on just one thing. This can bring success.Hбtrбnyok:
You need to organize your life so that you spend a lot of time at home during this time. The big effort can even get you back. Is this something for you?
Yes, if your child is cooperative. If, however, you are prone to being careless or frustrated, you might want to choose another method.

Casual panties

The method:
Give your child a disposable, practical panty instead of a diaper, which is very similar to a disposable pelus, but has less wet ability. Take it from time to time in the bathroom and ask if you need to pee. Praise if you manage to have a party in time. There are also diapers that provide a cool, wet feel when your baby is peeing. You will feel the process and know when to run for the party.Elхnyцk:
Disposable practice panties, pants are designed to make the baby feel when the accident is about to happen. The same applies to wet sensing diapers, which help him become more aware of and respond to the functions of his body.Hбtrбnyok:
Practical panties, pants, and wet-feel diapers are more expensive than traditional diapers. And it is not certain that wet sensing will encourage you to go to a party, as you have been in wet pelus so far. Is this something for you?
Yes, if you don't mind having to wait a bit longer for the outcome, and you know you're only nervous if you can't fulfill your child.


The method:
Reward your child with something tiny (like a paper star) and sometimes use the potty. You can combine this method with any other method.Elхnyцk:
You can motivate few children if you know you are getting something.Hбtrбnyok:
There is a risk that you will now have to compensate for all your performance. There will be many other wives in your child's life that you need to achieve. It may not be necessary to systematically reward. Is this something for you?
Maybe you know where the border is. Think of a reward that is related to room cleanliness: for example, a cool white is the "reward".


The method:
Let them choose white. Give it and let it pee on your child.Elхnyцk:
Your child will feel grown up, and just as he / she will be aware of accidents, he / she will probably use the bill as soon as possible.Hбtrбnyok:
Well, there is no need to explain how much cleaning and washing this is all about.Is this something for you? If you are patient, this solution is more practical than using the usual panties.

"… The sweetest baby / boy. Listen, Dad / Mom, what's going on!"

The method:
Every time you manage to use the party, sing a little song from your head with a similar glass. You can ask family members to sing with you.Elхnyцk:
You will appreciate your child's appreciation with the little "potty tune", enjoyment.Hбtrбnyok:
If an accident occurs, if you fail to pee, you may become frustrated. Explain to him that accidents are natural, so don't be sad.Is this something for you?
It is always a good choice to use shrewd words. Believe me, you will soon be beating your own wishes and by far avoiding the diaper closet.More articles on room cleanliness:
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