Babapsyche - Fetal stimuli

How does the fetus respond to different stimuli around the world? What does the fetal skin begin to sound like?

Tomatis, a French researcher, has created a special oscillating device that adapts wide wavy tones and locks to a narrow waveband that can be picked up by the skin's mechanoreceptors. Among the so-called mechanoreceptors found in the skin, the so-called Pacini receptors are particularly sensitive to frequencies between 100 and 1000 Hz. The maximum sensitivity is around 300 Hz. Using such a loudspeaker is the first measure of auditory conduction in the skin. Far before the cochlea (the central organ of hearing) begins to work. There are countless prenatal auditory stimulation programs for this discovery. The acoustic bхr ingerfelvevх tulajdonsбgбra йpьlх physical йrzйkelйses hallбsi ingerlйses programs that are going to lower frekvenciбjъak felй, the sensorimotor kreativitбs, muzikalitбs йs beszйdkйszsйg was felьli бtlagon fejlхdйsйt nemzetkцzi Congress held eredmйnyezi.Egy Kцlnben also szemйlyesen lбtni йs the opportunity to hear the Tomatis-kйszьlйket, which it transforms the different sounds into the waveband on which the fetus hears. He was just making a Mozart piece of music and a high frequency that was very sharp, very guilty in adulthood, even though the fetus was real music. Thinking about what you have seen and heard, it is not uncommon for parents to speak to babies in a louder voice, quite rightly, in a way that fits in with their higher frequency hearing aids. There is less research in this area, and so is our knowledge. It is worth noting in advance that fetal body temperature is 0.5-1.5 degrees higher than that of the mother. Liley has noticed that mothers with fat mothers are absorbed. In summary, it can be said from the skin that as long as the fetus does not develop a specific sensory organ, the skin is the body to which fetuses also respond. Easily overlook this fact, although it can have a number of benefits and disadvantages. Noisy environments worry babies in the womb, and can cause persistent stress and developmental inefficiency, even with diverse, mainly mobile and music-stimulating maternal-fetal relationship development programs.