Pregnancy test smart

How do these tools work? How do you choose the best time to test? How common are false positives or false negatives and what can cause it? Answers to the most important inquiries.

  • Pregnancy Test History: From the Sheep Test to the Digital Test
  • Changes in HCG hormone levels
  • Correct use of pregnancy tests
  • Negative pregnancy test
  • A positive pregnancy test
  • Positive pregnancy test

Pregnancy test history

Since the beginning of civilization, people have been trying to find out when the sting came to somebody. Naturally, pregnancy has early signs, perhaps the most important of which is menstruation.

Early signs of pregnancy

The following symptoms increase the burden of pregnancy:
  • lйgszomj,
  • boobs boobs,
  • fбradtsбg,
  • hбnyinger,
  • frequent urination,
  • fejfбjбs,
  • kнvбnуssбg,
  • szйkrekedйs,
  • puffadбs,
  • hangulatingadozбs,
  • sensitive sense of smell,
  • szйdьlйs,
  • бjulбs,
  • And, of course, missed menstruation.

If you experience any of these symptoms, you may want to get a pregnancy test first at a drug store or drug store.

In general, it cannot be unequivocally stated that they all occur and indicate pregnancy in an unmistakable way. Just now, in ancient Egypt, in Greece, there were "sure" methods that were used to establish pregnancy. Most of them started out in the urine, watered different grain kernels, and when one began to grow, it referred not only to pregnancy but also to the sex of the baby to be born. According to another medieval method, women urine was mixed with wine and tested. It may sound surprising at first, but these ancient methods they also carried all the truth: there are substances in the urine - like hormones, white - that can really react with alcohol and with plants. Of course, these tests are generally not considered to be reliable. The discovery of the hormone HCG and the finding that its production is closely related to pregnancy have opened new avenues for pregnancy tests. Scientists have realized that HCG can affect not only humans but also other animal species, as pregnant women urinate in animals. Pregnancy tests started in the 1930s, using the clawed goat as a test subject. THE bйkateszt a female goat injected into the "pregnant pregnancy" urine. If the urine was from a pregnant mother, the animal began to lay eggs within 12-24 urns. This latter test was much faster than the ghost and did not result in the death of the animal. The goat test was applied throughout the '60s first home pregnancy test had to wait until the end of the 1960s: It was patented in 1967 a 26-year-old American lady, Margaret Crane. This was a huge hit for women, as they did not have to consult a doctor to determine the pregnancy. (Remember, during this period, many people were stigmatized for having sex outside their marriage, asking for life or death, whether they had an unwanted pregnancy or not.) the result is about had to wait for two, was considered a revolutionary reformation. Despite this, it hasn't been in the business for years because many people have chosen to do so, pregnancy at home can have "incalculable moral consequences" and women simply "can't cope with it alone." From the 1980s to the 1990s, well-known tests have spreadwhich should be retained or measured in the urine and simple, easy-to-read signs of the test being positive or negative. Pregnancy tests have become faster and faster, as we can get results in just a few minutes. before the 21st century digital test period: it is much easier to determine the pregnancy status - you do not need to test your "ghost", since the test is well written. In fact, recent tests have informed the expectant mother that she is pregnant by the third week.

The key to working with pregnancy tests is HCG

In the XX. At the beginning of the 20th century, more and more attention was paid to the regulation of our body's hormones. In the 1920s, we discovered that there is a compound that is produced in greater quantities in the body of pregnant women and that the increase in quantity is related to appetite. THE humbn chorio gonadotropint production of the embryo, then of the placenta, affects, inter alia, progesterone production and the maternal immune system. third week). At the beginning of the pregnancy, with a 3-4 week gestation, the amount is 400 mlU / ml, which is from 9-12. by the week it reaches 25700-288000 mIU / mL. Usually by the 10th week of pregnancy, the HCG level has reached its maximum. From week 12 to week 20, it gradually decreased, then from week 20 to birth it stagnated. In non-pregnant women the amount in the body is less than 5 mlU / ml and less than 9.5 mIU / ml after menopause.

How to use pregnancy tests?

The use of modern pregnancy tests is fairly straightforward and does not require any serious preparation or tools. There are different types of tests that are more or less sensitive in terms of sensitivity, speed (that is, how much to wait for the result). It's a good idea to read through the pregnancy test's instruction manual, even if you're counting on an experienced tester! Wait for the first day after menstruation after testing, but nowadays you can also get tests like the Expected days before menstruation (up to 4 days before). If you miss the test after menstruation, you may not need to use the first urine in the morning, although you will have a higher urine concentration of HCG, which means you have a better chance of getting a reliable test. or urine should be kept for approx. 5seconds. Keep the test so that only the "sensory" horn is injected into the urine! Then apply the test on a smooth, dry surface and wait for 3-5 minutes (or as much as the test manual). Of course, you may not have to wait for the result to appear, or it may just be slower to read. That doesn't really mean anything: a "stronger" positive result does not mean that you will have twins or that you are pregnant sooner.Pregnancy Test: Two Parallel Lines of a Number of Tests Indicate a Pregnancy The most parallel test is a parallel line. One is the control line, which appears in the so-called control zone, the other is the test fail, the appearance of which indicates pregnancy. The presence of a control strip is a prerequisite for a valid test. If it does not appear, the result is irrelevant. There is also a pregnancy test where the pregnancy is missing or minus sign or plus sign confirms. Literally the plus sign indicates the positive result, the minus the pregnancy deficiency. (This form of presentation gives much less cause for misinterpretation. According to surveys, one in three women misinterprets, reads the result.) digital tests give, because the existence or lack of pregnancy is simple marked with glassas well as which pregnancy week you are in. How accurate are home pregnancy tests? Many people still believe that pregnancy tests have a high chance of survival, but this is not true. According to surveys, home tests They are 98-99 percent accurate, assuming you use them properly! Of course, they may give false results, but this is due to inappropriate application or premature testing. It is very rare for the test itself to be a "bug" (hence the so-called control trace found in the pregnancy tests - if this does not appear, the test cannot be interpreted).

What if the result is negative?

If you test in the days before your menstrual period, you will have lower levels of hormone HCG, so the test may not detect pregnancy. If your menstrual period does not return by the time you wait, take the test again. From the first day of menstruation, 98-99 percent is the most accurate test. (Same accuracy 6-4 days before significantly less.)

What Can Cause Positive Results?

Occasionally, however, pregnancy and HCG levels increase, only biochemical pregnancy develops and development is stopped at a very early stage. For a similar reason spontaneous abortion also gives positive results. Occasionally, LH (structurally very similar to the hormone HCG) overproduction, uterine pregnancy, certain medications (among others, antihypertensive, anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory, antihypertensive), Sometimes there is a more drastic reason for a positive result: a pancreatic island cell tumor and a trophoblastic tumor can also cause higher levels of HCG hormone.

What to do if the test is positive?

For a formal proof of pregnancy, visit a baby girl. Since the pregnancy is 4-5. weeks, only ovaries are found, it is worth waiting for the "null pregnancy test" until the 6th week of pregnancy, because then the embryo can be seen in the ovaries, as well as with a high probability of heart rate. Once you have the certificate of the pregnant woman, you should use this paper to contact the vicarious guardian, who will issue the probation book. This article was supported by Clearblue.