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5 surprising facts about asthma and seasonal allergies

How does weather influence symptoms? Can we be surprised to learn about allergies with a bunch of flowers? Why is the pollen season going on? We will answer such and similar inquiries with the assistance of our specialist.

5 surprising facts about asthma and seasonal allergies

Pollens are the biggest travelers

Anyone who is allergic to ragweed should take into account that neither the rural nor the metropolitan environment provides security against the pollen of the plant. If we haven't seen neglected ragweed areas in the vicinity, then we might think we can regenerate it, which unfortunately is not so - dr. Potecz Gyцrgyi lung specialist, allergologist, head doctor of the Buda Allergy Center. Ragweed pollens are capable of carrying many hundreds of kilometers with the wind, and this ability has helped them to spread rapidly throughout World War I after World War I.

Feel free to buy a bunch of flowers for allergies!

In early spring and summer, many plants turn into flowers, and in the rhizome, there are even slightly harmless, colorful flowers. If someone has allergic symptoms during this period, it is more likely to be caused by grasses, trees, or weeds than different, cut flowers, also favored flower species.Allergies from pollinating species we must be more careful, since they release pollen into the air much more than plants that attract attention by their fragrance or their color scheme, which are pollinated insects. However, caution should not be taken, because many asthma sufferers may have strong odors - such as a strong blossom of flowers - may cause irritation and symptoms, but it is not allergic. Anyone affected by this should not keep the fragrant flower permanently indoors - adds dr. Potecz Gyцrgyi.

We are still suffering from pollen

One of the unpleasant features of climate change is that the borders of the seasons have shifted. In recent years we have noticed that the transition period is getting shorter. When we get out of the spring, we are suddenly springtime, because of the rapid warming of the Coke - and several species at the same time - fall into flower, and pollen themselves. Because of this, in the spring, almost one day, we develop severe allergic symptoms. At the end of the summer, the mild time is getting longer, which is usually the result of sudden, rapid cooling. This depressed Indian poplar is particularly stressful for ragweed allergies, and their symptoms can be severe until mid-October.

Weather also affects allergic and asthma symptoms

For respiratory patients, current pollenjelentйs it is also important to pay attention to the changes in the weather. For pollen allergies, it is better not to plan outdoor activities on hot, windy days, because pollen concentration is highest at this time. In asthma patients, damp, rainy weather, and high levels of air pollution can exacerbate complaints, but asthma attacks can increase during severe storms.

Stress worsens symptoms

As with any disease, stress and asthma exacerbate symptoms in the case of allergy and asthma. If you are nervous and tense, your breathing will be supernatural, shorter, which is not beneficial in any disease. Strong stress can provoke even seizures in asthma. Strength, intense distress, fear or anger can negatively affect patients' breathing.

What does the specialist advise?

- Before traveling or organizing outdoor activities, always keep in mind the current pollen situation and expected weather. Our programs should preferably be organized with these in mind. - Allergies, asthma ideal vacation spot on the beach, or mountains where you can relax in a pollen-free environment.- In order for the vacations to be relaxed, take our necessary medicines with usso that your symptoms do not determine your daily routine during your vacation. Do not felejtsьk in indulбs elхtt felнratni the szьksйges mennyisйget kezelхorvosunkkal - If you do not get along with stress situations kezelйsйvel, elsajбtнthatunk cйlzott lйgzхgyakorlatokat also gyуgytornбsz segнtsйgйvel that segнtsйgйvel - kiegйszнtve the gyуgyszeres kezelйst - the tьneteinket also kordбban tarthatjuk.- If ъgy йrezzьk that the ongoing alkalmazkodбst allergiбnk While we may not want to live a full life with medication, we may want to think about allergenic immunotherapy. This therapy is able to permanently eliminate allergies for up to 8-10 years. The treatment should be started at least 2 months before the flowering of the allergenic plant, so in case of ragweed allergy it is necessary to wait another year, but the allergies of the poplar can begin before the end of the year.
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