Grandpa's dead, what do I tell the kid?

How does high school survive healing? How can we help him? Our psychologist will answer.

Dear Judit, My daddy died, and we didn't even hide this from my two little sons, because we asked her why she wanted to see where her daddy was.
My younger son wasn't touched so much, but the bigger one asked me: Will I die too? Mom will die too? When and how am I going to die? At the same time (of course not because of this) splashing and bumping occurred. How do I talk about a fish with a child? What do you mean by age?

Hi Бgota!
Reading your letter, the first thing that came to my mind was a poem by Yen Ranschburg. Let's read it together!
Ranschburg Jenх: Gyabsz
At the door today I'm terribly bad.
I was fighting and I blew up Zsolt's blood,
I leave everything in the bowl,
and they fail: I see the case,
i'm bad in high school.
Mom said she was gone in the morning
my grandfather, and far and wide,
but I see he took a small drop in the middle,
and I know that everything is lost anyway.
Mom says my grandpa is gone today ...
They all cheat, my grandfather is dead!
Believe in everyone, like on the water,
And they realize that the number is high again,
because I really have nothing to do with that!
They all cheat, my grandfather died ...
I'll tell him if he comes back!
What to say, the ovis live in a very blurry world. At the same time, he is under the influence of his imagination and his knowledge of the currency: what he does not know for sure, or does not understand, is elaborated by some elements that make the situation even more acceptable. THE halбl you ask for such an invaluable thing. (As for us, of course, when you think about it.) He is always looking for answers, because he is mysterious and terrifying, because the adults around him are uncertain, sad, and eager to make answers.

Grandpa's dead

The high school will not realize that the one who died is finally gone. He feels transient, remembers who died, and after a while feels loved by a loved one because he won't come back. Unfortunately, to make things even more complicated, a little bit of guilt can halбleset because. This is the time of magical thinking: the child believes in the ability to control the world with his thoughts, that is, what he has wrongly thinks is wrong, and everyone wants to be a currency. It is very difficult to talk about fish with ovis.
The best thing for a parent is to start with his or her own persuasion. If you are religious, you give your answers with the help of your faith, if you are materialistic, you give the answers through the processes of nature. There is, of course, no need for a roundabout religious education or lecture, just to speak with a few words, just to please the child. The same goes for any inquiries about your own death. Of course, you can say with a clear heart that these people are dying at an older age, and that we will live together for a long time.
In addition, it is worth telling the Neapolitans in which the smallest prince is victorious. It strengthens your child's confidence and insures your vulnerability - which you really need now. I suggest you rotate this book by Ildik Boldizsár Evening Tales for Boys!