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I thought I was gonna get me a baby

How did you tell me you're expecting a baby? Everyone else has a story. Emilia's family welcomed all of the babies to the family.

We started a baby project in May 2003, and at the beginning of July the two red ribbons on the pregnancy test were booming. We thought we would announce the big hunks in September, our first marriage anniversary. We took the champagne we had. We both stood up and said we needed to report. The mummy was touched, the Tatami smiled, and everyone congratulated. My mom quietly remarked that she had guessed the big hunter.
When Bence when he was nine months old, he began to suspect that something was wrong.
Ъjra baby. We didn't think so, but God brought it!
We planned to announce it on Bence's birthday. Everyone was listening to Bencer, so when my husband said I would bring the champagne now, only his mother got his head: Just not another baby ?! We smiled and blogged. The pleasure was not as frank as the first, but they were congratulated and smiled at her.
Huba October 5, 2005 saw the light of day. As they got a little older, I went to college with my brother's consent.
2010 was terribly hot and I was not feeling well. I thought for sure what you are doing is taking a test with my shit (we can't really get it). Two ranks. Midwife. Dцbbenet. I still have a year out of college! Bunch of exams, essay… What am I going to do?
It wasn't a doubt for a minute that if he did, he would stay.
We decided to tell Huba's birthday because it was about to start. From a book, we examined the embryo picture of a couple of weeks ago, put it in a wreath, and thought before the grandparents went home, we would give it to them. So it did. First, my brother's parents came. They smiled, scowled, but didn't know what it was. We told you. I was crazy! They congratulated him, and said that the little one would be a good place, so, well, the three kids are very nice. My mom smiled and was happy, and my son smiled under his mustache: I thought you would get me!
Felmer Emilia