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Fresh fruit, green grass!

When and what time it is worth switching from breast milk to popes, it is worth knowing all moms.

The world has changed a lot not only in terms of infant nutrition but also in terms of cooking. A generation ago, it was recommended to consume the printed leaves of apple and perennials at the age of 6 weeks. Today, the use of fruit juice is only part of the so-called additive diet that began at six months of age.
Let's start the habit with a couple of spoonfuls of fruit. Initially, asking for a small dose of food to go to the store to open a glass of baby juice. The upcoming season offers a wide selection of fresh, home-grown fruits and juices.

Funny Passing

The kitchen on which the grated pieces of fruit or vegetables had once been pressed from the kitchen had disappeared, giving us a clear, fibrous, filtered juice. But the haircut, and the kind of use of teacup that once peppered the fruit, disappeared. The passivating has ceased, the mixing head or blender is here. However, the function of the passivation was different: it served to separate the fibers.
Dietary fiber has a number of important physiological roles and its amount is determined at an early age. If your baby gets more than that, then we will go beyond that. Because a lot of fiber is hard to digest, slowly draining your stomach, it can reduce your gut, can cause stools, and most importantly, it can bind low-grade substances, leading to a deficiency.
The milkshake also shreds the coarser fiber structure and feeds into the baby's diet. The fibrous structure of glassy fruit canned fruit is very delicate (if you taste it, you can feel it), it does not contain any shell material, extra constituents (kernels, smaller seeds).

Rehabilitate the sieve

When making food at home, it is important to first remove the hard, insoluble fibers, ie the hair, when making green fruit juices and pastries. The blender and mixing head are not suitable for this. Other is the digestibility of pasteurized green peas, green beans if the shell is not included.
Many people claim that most vitamins are found in the fruits and under the skin of fruits and vegetables.This is true, but in young infants cellulose fiber is not, but even the finer fibers are only part of it. As the digestion matures, it is possible to target the children with whole fruit (such as crushed legumes). Another disadvantage of blending is that rotating motion puts a lot of air into the food, which also contributes to tummy tension, frequency of falls, proliferation, and drop in many children. It is better to rehabilitate the sieve, to learn passivation again than to reduce the basal content with drugs, and to waste the bound materials.