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What all that stomach can do! Often, the wounds of the souls also cause cramps in the tummy. What can you do? What are the prospects?

Bendi's troubles began when he began to become a wicked boy at the age of two. He had a great talk, but suddenly he became hyper-sensitive, and if someone gave birth to a bad child during a meal or was disturbed, missed everything. When these incidents occurred on a daily basis, they were taken to their parents' pediatrician, who did not find any sign of illness.

Many times it will make your stomach a little extra sweet

The years were gone, Bendi was already out, but he kept this weird habit: every other day every third day, because it happened so often that something he upset his composure between meals. After a while, of course, his brothers and sisters also began to do so, and with their thrashing, they only accelerated the process. Because the pediatrician still couldn't find Bendi as a patient, the parents tried to get the agenda over the lame stock every time. Eventually, the second grade of the elementary school stopped. Bendi wasn't sick, he just got rid of this special method tensioning.

Baby baby

Well, everyone would probably call it a stomach baby. At the age of one month, he became more and more anxious in the duluth of the Duluth, and for most of the night he could not be put down, because he had a throaty, clouded foot, his head, and his head. Sometimes she was comforted by her mother's breastfeeding for a while, but her anxiety only got worse when she started milking the nipple many times. Sometimes they rushed to bed because they couldn't calm the little one. Her mother had been on a milk-free diet for months because she knew that cow's milk particles in breast milk could cause such complaints, but that didn't change the situation. And then we still have our best friend who was known during college time. He had two girls, and when he heard what the problem was, he was wise and blushing, of course, girl. Know the problem! It sounded so funny that the parents were a bit reassured. Emma's behavior changed at the age of just over a month. Even if not one day to the other, but it has become a much calmer, calmer baby.According to the experts, it is very common for small infants to have similar symptoms, usually kуlikбnak nevezzьk. Most importantly, we exclude organic causes. Namely, in infancy and childhood, sudden onset of severe abdominal distension can be caused by bowel involvement when an upper leg is infiltrated into a lower lower leg, and the baby is sleeping or just playing. This lasts for a few seconds, and then a completely pain-free period of ten to fifteen minutes. More common in boys, a small symptom is a bloody stool. In any case, this disease requires medical attention.

Listen to me!

The smallest sibling born of a baby, Durrin became a daily routine at the age of three for a stomach-related ritual. She started to feel very stomach one night, and because her mother couldn't figure out the cause, she made a warm compress and went to tell her about the bed. The pain seemed to be exhausted the other day, but it was two days earlier and then reappeared almost daily. There was nothing else to help me except the warm compress and the mother telling me her bed was wide. Although it seems after all that the purpose of the stomach is obvious a little extra personal attention it didn't seem that simple at all. The pediatrician sent them for an examination because reflux they suspected that acidic stomach contents would flow back into the esophagus. This was a logical assumption, as he always started after supper, lying down, and so did Durri's eyes. However, the tests did not reveal any differences.You may also be interested in these articles:
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