Old Grade With Kids - How to Recognize Grade Levels

In order to better understand how to deal with heat and heat, these injuries are classified according to the so-called rule nine. We'll show you what it's like.

Old Grade With Kids - How to Recognize Grade LevelsLarger or tertiary lawyers always require medical attention. Because of the risk of infection and shock, hospital care is best. At the same time, poisoning (kidney failure) can occur due to damaged white tissue.

Common Symptoms Of Different Grade Degrees

First Degree:
Skin excretion with pains limited to the affected skin area (for example, quenching)Minor Degree:
Exfoliation of the skin by blistering or moisturizing woundsGrade Three:
White-gray patches on the skin; the tissue is dead due to injury, not painful to touch, but the surrounding edges are very painful

So give first aid

In case of first-degree cold, relieve pain. Leave skin that has been healed or boiled for ten to fifteen minutes under cold water.
In the case of second degree heat, first proceed in the same way as first degree heat and relieve the pain with cold water. Finally, apply a sterile, dry bandage on the wound to protect against infection. Do not use ointments or swinging powder or open the ancient blisters. If necessary, take the child to a doctor.In the case of tertiary burn, first relieve the pain with cold water, as in the case of first degree burn. Use sterile dressing to protect yourself from infection and consult your doctor immediately! In severe cases, fluid and water loss often cause circulatory shock. no oil or butter should be used in vain.
In case of severe pain, you can give pain medication.
Continuously monitor your child's heart rate and breathing.

They are large in size

Immediately lower the clothing or immerse it in water. Another option is to wrap the child in a cotton blanket or dampen the flames with cloths. Avoid using a lint-free blanket, as the plastic will melt and stick to the skin. Immediately immerse your arms and legs in cold water or keep water flushed for a period of fifteen minutes. surfaces should only be covered with magical drapes and, if necessary, cloths. Bacterial infections are prevented by using sterile twice. Rinse immediately with plenty of water. Flush with adhering skin. Rinse immediately with plenty of water (only a few minutes). Tertiary care always requires medical attention and hospital care Source: Dr. med. Helmut Keudel-Dr. med. Barbara Capelle Pediatrics c. kцnyve.Related articles in this topic:
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