A special nursing room was provided in one of the clinics

Missing breastfeeding has given room to the 1st Department of Fertility and Nursing at Semmelweis University on the occasion of World Preterm Birth Day.

They gave me a special breastfeeding room on SOT (1 (pictured below)

The Association for Early Childbirth, which was well-established locally, had the greatest number of patients in the country, and had the most severe cases in the early childhood intensive care unit. premature mothers eat in an intimate environment gyermekьket.Hazбnkban every 9th Newborn is born prematurely, that is, before the 37th week of pregnancy. November 17th is the World Day of the Early Childhood, established by the Early Childhood Association (KORE) in Hungary. "On this day, we call attention to the frequency of premature birth and pay tribute to the work of premature babies, families with premature babies, and survivors of physicians and nurses," Zsuzsanna Nagy of Fld, president of the association.In addition to the renowned building of KORE on this day, the Semmelweis University Clinic No. 1 Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology has been awarded the Neonatology Center. and the most effective medicine for regular breastfeeding in the case of non-breastfeeding babies. Dr. Dombi Anna Zsufia neonatology specialist, lactation consultant. " Professor Dr. Rigou Jбnos, director of the clinic.The most important articles in this topic are:
  • The touch stimulates the brain development of premature infants
  • Breastfeeding protects the heart of premature babies
  • Who arrive prematurely
  • If the baby comes early
  • Characteristics of a premature baby