In spite of the fact that the family's family is hungry, Hungarian is running low

Even though the family of the proclaimed family was not happy, it did not appeal to having a kid. Everything is worse than a year ago.

In a great deal, the Hungarian is running lowThe CSO compared the January 2019 data with the 2018 data. Demographic data was worse in all indicators than a year earlier.
  • A total of 7,364 children were born in January 2019, up 5.5%, 427 newborns compared to January 2018.
  • The estimated monthly value of your total fertility rate per woman has also decreased. In January this year it was 1.44, the previous year's figure was 1.50.
  • 13,790 people lost their lives, 19% more than 2176 people a year earlier.
  • As fewer children were born and fishing mortality was significantly higher, natural loss increased by 68 percent.
  • Fewer marriages were contracted: 1,436 couples were married, which is 5.0%, 76 less than in January 2018.
The cause of the high mortality rate, according to the HCSO, may have been a flurry of flu earlier than last year. If this were to happen, if the family were immediately interested in having a child, it would have to be reflected in these data. Even so, in October, there were still one percent more children born than a year earlier, but in November it was 0.3 percent, in December 5.3 percent, in January 5.5 percent fewer children than in the same period in 2017. To maintain, you would need to have a full fertility ratio above 2. Bar is the only indicator in the past years that has risen from 1.26 to 1.5, but it is still far from 2. This January's figure is worse than last year's 1.44 instead of 1.5.Related articles in demographics:
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