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That's why September babies are so special

The summer is officially over, school has started, and our favorite autumn stuff is back. September is a great time for birth. Why are babies born this month so special?

That's why September babies are so special

They are generally good at school

There is nothing to do with biology, but more so that September's children are probably among the oldest members of the class. The extra months spent in kindergarten can be an advantage for them at school.

They're better at sports

Good school results are not the only ones that focus on September kids. According to research, children born this month tend to achieve better results in sports as well. The children born in the autumn are based on surveys they have greater muscle and bone mass and are also expected to be more active in sports. Previous studies have suggested that this may include the amount of vitamin D that babies have received in their womb.

Fewer currencies are bipolar disorder

According to research published in PLOS One companies, the risk of bipolar disorder is much lower for those born in September. Probably this may be close to the higher pre-natal vitamin D levels, but the exact cause is still unknown to researchers.

That's when you give birth most

According to surveys, September is the most popular month for births, and the most popular month in the world. So your September child will probably never be the only birthday there is a good chance that there will be someone in the circle of friends who will celebrate with him.

They won't be too big or too small

According to research, September (or fall) babies do not have to be afraid of having a high birth weight in the world - this is more typical of summer babies - but even less weight - it is more of a baby .

You do not expect them to be children of zirconia

The same research, which focused on making September children better at school, also found that they were much less likely to have problems with cheerful children / adults. This may be due to the good academic performance of many of them who graduate from university, which reduces the likelihood of juvenile delinquency. (VIA)Related links: