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Do you drink or not drink?

It seems unbelievable, but six to nine kilos of weight gain under baby weight is water! Do we limit or increase our water consumption?

To drink or not to drink?

Where do we seem to drink?

About a quarter of the water that accumulates is four liters, which is the excess needed to increase blood volume. This change occurs in the first and second thirds of the body. The third period inkбbb the szцvetek kцzцtti tйrben multiplies the vнzmennyisйg (ebbхl szбrmazik the tцbbi hбrom quarter, nйgy цtцd), this kцszцnhetх megjelenх vizenyхsцdйs.Ha decays бltalбban the йjszakai alvбs, fekvйs hatбsбra mбsnap morning is a lot vбrandуsnбl megfigyelhetх swollen ankles, йs mбs testtбjakon swelling, rather long-lasting, stagnation, there is no cause for concern, we are dealing with a normal phenomenon. toxemia with stubborn edema. Approximately three to three and a half liters of amniotic fluid, together with the water content of the body and fetus, make up approximately three to three liters of the total amount of water.

Eight glasses a day?

He says that we need to drink at least eight glasses of liquid a day. Most people think that abundant fluid intake is very healthy, and this is where the key to losing weight, losing weight, and proper kidney function is. According to new research there is no point in drinking much more pleasant for us. If you think that the amount of food and other drinks you consume during the day (soup, stone, fruit, vegetable, etc.) is significant, you may have jumped to one of the eight recommended ones. let us drink as much as it quenches our thirst. Randy WexlerAccording to a professor at Ohio University, "fluid fluids are similar, but people's thirst-quenching receptors work differently. If you suspect they are not drinking enough, if it is dark yellow, you should drink more. " You may also be interested in:
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