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So start the winter with the baby

Cold weather, cap, sl. But that's not all. If you are spiritually prepared to have a couple of hours out in the windy and cold outdoors, or to spend it with people amongst the little ones, you shouldn't be afraid to take some precautions.

So start the winter with the baby

Dr. Patricia KeenerProfessor of Pediatric Medicine at Indiana University School of Medicine says that in the first few weeks of life, the weight and weight of bullying in the fall, winter and early spring is not surprising, the risk of respiratory diseases is much higher.In the first year of life, about two-thirds of a baby's life will inadvertently collect some form of ailment. Azoknбl the piciknйl rбadбsul who jцttek koraszьlцttkйnt the vilбgra or tьdejьk, szнvьk, immunrendszerьk kevйsbй developed, these smaller and larger megbetegedйsek much larger kockбzatot may йs serious szцvхdmйnyek to develop nбluk.A legegyszerыbb mуdja the betegsйgek elkerьlйsйnek that ъjszьlцttel not megyьnk people crowded places - shops, shopping centers at the time of Christmas dumping. In fact, it may be useful to limit the number of visitors you visit to your system. especially if you are a patient. Clinical associate professor of pediatrics at the University of Colorado School of Medicine in Denver, Dr. Ed Glasser point out that if we do, our baby will probably be better at cooking. - Infants and children lose body heat much faster, and it is much harder to burn it. In cold weather, pay special attention to that always have some kind of cap on your baby's head, because 50% of the body's heat is passed through the head.

They can easily heat up in the cold

Depending on how cold it is, move your baby in layers, and even when needed, you can add an extra layer of water between your clothes and your home. Of course, not too much warmth is good for the little ones, so be aware don't move it the little one. Since during the preparation phase they can get warm easily, we try to minimize the time. And in extreme cold, windy, rainy days, we should first consider whether we need to go out at all times and try to provide the child with the most appropriate clothing for the circumstances.

Also pay attention to the baby's skin

Evening sunshine and cold winds do not work for baby's skin either, it can strike you as strange at first, but it can often be a good idea to use sunblinds or shades to protect your baby's sunshine. THE head then a hands And a lбbak the most important. We try to keep them dry at all times, and if your gloves or shoes are wet or snowy, change them as soon as possible - recommends Glasser.Dr. And Keener advises that if you have it, you should get help. - I've seen countless babies with strollers, diapers, three backpacks and, of course, babies. If you are unable to get just one person to help carry your stuff, the most important thing is not to hurry. As a general rule, rush does nothing good. Let's calm down and try to enjoy this period as the first couple of months are very important and also rewarding.