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Animal tests fail for vaccine before baby fails

Six monkeys die in a TB vaccination test administered by Oxford University staff to approximately 1,400 South African infants after an animal experiment.

Animal tests fail for vaccine before baby failsAccording to an article in the Daily Mail, in 2009, professionals gave newsletters to South African parents that the vaccine had achieved good results in animal tests - reads 24. The researchers did not report that the monkey tests ended in poor results: they killed six monkeys in the test. Now, the researchers are investigating that they have isolated the results of their tests. The MVA85A vaccine against tuberculosis did not harm South African infants, nor did they elхtt. Otherwise, the vaccine has not been used. In addition to monkeys, they were also tested in mice and guinea pigs, as well as in other monkey species, in which case the inventions were well presented. Researchers suggest that a stronger vaccine has been tested on dead monkeys. However, the New Significantly emphasizes that these results should also have been accounted for by South African parents.Malcolm Macleod, a University of Edinburgh expert suggests refining methods that can determine whether a new vaccine is ready for clinical testing.Jonathan Kimmelman, a member of McGill University says that there is no unique case: in the past, I have repeatedly given incorrect, incomplete, or negative animal test results to people who have because the invention was previously well-documented in multiple examinations.Later, three independent examinations have clarified the vaccine developer, Helen McShaneand a 2016 study confirmed that the results of previous tests had required testing in infants. The controls found that the vaccine was tested properly and was based on a positive, Urbian data set.Related articles in the vaccine topic:
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