Tell the big one the little one's coming

It is a tremendous pleasure for the family to wait for the arrival of another baby. At the same time, parents are worried about how the older child will accept the small birth.

So tell the big one

Sibling is a completely natural phenomenon that does not need to be dramatized, but there is a lot that can be done to prepare our older child for what will change with sibling. If you are good at "preparing the ground", you can minimize the level of whiteness.

The big announcement

The first and most important thing is that the child knows from the very beginning that he will give birth to a sibling. It's worth waiting for the twelfth week of pregnancy to report, but let's not wait for the pregnancy to have clearly visible signs of pregnancy!
We can conjure up lovely and intimate moments by telling our children about themselves, how they prepared the world, and what a tummy tucker it was. We could tell him how much we expected, what we thought about him, how we talked to him, how sensible he was when he first moved.
Kids are the best they are afraid of the unknown and uncertainty leginkбbb. If we keep telling us what is going on in our body, where the little brother is in development, he will also be part of the bloodstream and will develop an insider's sense of it.

You get up every day

Our child can be spoken of will be full of requests about the little brother. Try to answer these questions honestly, according to the literal level of your child. We can tell her about raising a family, telling her the role of a brother in the family. If we have a brother, we can tell him about our common childhood, what was yours, what was less, and what he remembered to this day.
We can talk about roles in the family and what position the sibling has on the parents and the child. Since this is a lot of new information topics, allow him time to process what he has heard. If you feel that this is a bit of a challenge for us, then buy a storybook that was specifically written to help parents do their job. But you can search the wardrobe for some old slides in this topic, or you can even draw the family and present the new situation there.


Let's involve the big brother in the midst of a double-breasted battle! This condition is very unique and will be remembered beautifully. If you are a big cat, let's go with it to a 4D ultrasonic baby cinema! Let's listen to music that your newborn baby will remember. A kid can be a disc jockey, choose his favorite music from his little brother.
If possible, get a stethoscope to listen to the baby's voice through the tummy. If you are unable to obtain such a gadget, you will do so on a thin wall mugs. All of these common activities will liberate the child and enrich the days of killing.

Mom in the town hall

One of the most important steps in sibling choice is to prepare our child to have few days that his mother will spend at the church, not at home. If the right-hand mom was so important in parenting, then in the last few weeks, dad could turn in to make the transition easier.
It is important that the child is also clear about the scrapbook when going to the hospital, it is important that he knows who he will be with while his mother and father are in the hospital. Emphasize to him that he will miss us very much that day and take the opportunity of the technology (send pictures and videos from the court) or record what he has forgotten.
If possible, either the father or one of the grandparents will send the child to the hospital to get to know the little brother and be sure everything is okay with his mother.

The little one's here!

Even though we carefully prepared the little brother's arrival, the big one, despite all of this may have negative sensations. We have to accept this, we have to wait for it patiently, we must not force out love! Even if your child becomes more aggressive than before, don't be afraid to overreact or punish him or her excessively. Let us somehow express and derive your senses. Szllkiny is the most we can do to we are patientand we're not changing the family rituals we've used so far. If we told him the evening story so far, so should the brother's arrival.
Now let's try some time to spend a lot of time with the big one. It is important to know that when you start to pee again, your baby's roomy baby will be a sign of fraternity. Don't scold himlet's not be sorry for that! This is just a transition state, it won't take long. Let's help him adjust to the new situation by playing a lot of games that require physical contact. Tell him many times a day how much we love him, often put him out, stroke him, or embrace him.
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