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From baby to baby: When and how to get your kid used to it?

It is a huge end when the baby gets a "normal" baby from a lame baby. When is the time to come? How to do it? What to watch for?

There is no exact date when you can replace a baby with a traditional bed, but usually the big change is between 1.5 and 3.5 years. For many small children, it is more worthwhile to wait for the third birthday, as most of them are ready to do so - of course, if the baby is very active or has simply "outgrown" the baby, we can try it earlier.When does a child move to a bigger room? Many people make this decision when the little foremost out of the grimace is because they fear that it may be followed by the fall. However, it may be easy for a child to move in his or her mobility, just to get out of his or her baby, not be ready for the big one, and be more risky if he or she falls asleep. In this case, it is more practical to adjust the baby's lying area to the lowest possible level, thus making it difficult for the baby to work. It is also common for the baby to have the baby before the baby is born. However, it is not a good idea to just move the kid to a bigger bed to get rid of the lame kid. If you decide to do so, let the newcomer arrive and have at least 6-8 weeks between the changes. During this time, your toddler may become accustomed to the new bed, and fewer will feel that the baby has "pulled" out of place. Depending on the age of the child, we can expect a few months after the birth of the little brother, so the child can become accustomed to the new role of the child, and become less anxious. who take it easy, but others need a longer time. You can make it easy to do the little thing by doing the same thing as the bed that was lame, or if you use the old linen for a while, using a little blanket. During the first period, it is also advisable to install a fall arrest so that the baby does not fall out of the bed.Please involve the child in the choice of bed! Let's emphasize that the new one is for big kids! The more excited the little one is about the change, the more proud he or she is (that he or she is not a baby anymore) and the more likely it is that the change will be easy. The bedding inspired by your favorite fairy tale can help as well as, if encouraged, show the bed to your relatives, friends, boast about it in wilderness, plaything. is well-placed: adequate cognitive maturity is also required. If your previously well-sleeping baby wakes up many times during the night, it will be harder to fall asleep, or may fall out of bed frequently, probably not yet ready for the baby. Feel free to bring the lame bed back and try it again in a month or two. However, it is very important that your baby is not a punishment tool! (Via)Also worth reading:
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