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Six key elements of apology

There are six key elements of apology that make the gesture more meaningful - which two are not to be missed?

"The apology is really good, but we have to make sure that we use more of the six key elements," said a lead author,Roy Lewicki, a member of the Ohio College of Business at Ohio State University. The list below is: expressing regret, explaining the error, acknowledging responsibility, declaring repentance, offering harm, and asking for forgiveness.
At the same time, the researchers also emphasized that if time and urgency need to be fixed, two elements are essential for apologizing success. "Our results have shown that the most important element is the recognition of responsibility"We have to say that it is our fault, that we made the mistake." and the statement of repentance. According to the researchers, the last element, Forgiveness for forgiveness can even be omitted.

Sometimes the parent has to apologize

Of course, in the case of verbal apology, mood and tone also have a significant impact on the outcome. When we apologize to one another, eye contact, proper expression of sincerity, and similar factors play an important role.
Don't forget! The parent should also be able to apologize to the child. The hysterics, the children who are in the midst of drowning, can certainly complain about their mothers, but the reverse is also true. Suddenly, in our awakening, we may say something we do not take seriously. If we are able to forgive our child's nonsense, we should also apologize to him for any rudeness.
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