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A lightning quick overview of what to cook for your baby

Six months old? Then we eat! The big question: where do I start. The Next: When Can I Give It?

Give your baby delicious and healthy food!

From 6 to 8 months:

Simple dishes with up to two ingredients: apple-banana puree, roasted apple, baked apple, apple-potato puree, apple-yarrow-rape, peach-apple, sour-cherry-bean-sour cherry. You can also bake it with two tablespoons of valuable oil.Our favorite recipe: Alma-banбn with pears
Boil a teaspoon of wheat bread in half a deci water, then stir in the raw apple-banana. Let the meal absorb the fruit juice for a few minutes.

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9am to 10am:

A variety of raw materials for approaching the families of the family. You can give your pet up to days and weeks if the baby is so fond of it. A great combination is, for example, vegetable cereal meat or fruit potato or cereal meat. You can cook the ingredients together, then wash with a bot blender or possibly with a fork. For example, babies like broccoli, zucchini, onion, sweet chestnut, pepper, nipple, peppers can be mixed with a tiny amount of garlic and green spices, such as parsley.Our favorite recipe: Zucchini with chicken
Fry a tablespoon of oil in a tablespoon of oil and some light onion rings. Sprinkle with water, then strain oatmeal, a small piece of zucchini, then cook until soft. Once you have sealed it, add chopped parsley and patty.

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From 11 to 12 days ago:

Slowly your baby can get what the other family member is, but in a form that can be eaten and not too spicy or too fat. You can get casserole fries, for example, by mixing it with a fork, or beans if you mix it with cream soup. Eggs, dairy products, dill gluten are the time of year around most. Some seedy fruits may be better for some years, but you can try one by one. Tomatoes may ring the child's mouth, but they are generally well loved.Our favorite recipe: Chicken muffin with candy
It was like getting up to a dose of baby
50 deca fresh, pitted, ripe cherries, a lemon juice, 30 deca minced chicken breast fillet, three tablespoons corn grits, ground nutmeg, one egg, dried succulent, ground caraway seeds, a teaspoon of Vega-mix

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Fry the thick pepper with three tablespoons of corn, two deciums of water, and dried greens. Suck it up and suck in the nutmeg and the caraway. Allow it to cool completely and freeze. Then mix the minced meat and eggs in the cooked cornmeal and spoon into the buttered muffin information. You can bake it on baking paper in a simple baking pan at 200 degrees for 20-30 minutes. Mix the sour cherry blend and pour the lemon juice into it, you can taste it with the chicken muffin.These can also come in handy:
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