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The top 10 queries about CSOK

Used home buying planners have gathered on what kind of requests they might want to consider if they want to use CSOK.

The top 10 queries about CSOK

The portal says the government has been examining tools for months to make CSOK more effective and more. So far, they have received $ 153 billion, and there are 46,000 families who have requested non-refundable support. Here are the top 10 requests that you can use to buy a home.

1. What is the value of a dwelling?

There are two rules for a used home: the purchase price at the time of purchase may not exceed $ 35 millionand up to 20% higheras the turnover values ​​established by the credit institution.

2. How big can a dwelling be?

The rules should be 40 for 1 child, 50 for 2 children, 60 for 3 children, and 70 for a child or more minimum useful floor area. Children who have previously received non-refundable housing support should also be taken into account, such as socializing.

3. Who can apply for a CSOK for a useful home?

Housewives, living quarters, and individuals are all existing, living with and moving within a household, whether or not they have been orphaned. But CSOK cannot be claimed by those who have been sentenced to life or who are obliged to repay aid similar to that of the past year.

4. Is it possible for pre-term children to have access to a CSOK for a used home?

Yes, couples who have no children and have up to two children are eligible: 1 child under 4 years, 2 children under 8 years. However, it is assumed that the couple at least one member has not yet reached age 40, and marry them together. Once adopted, the limits can be extended by 2 years.

5. Is there an age limit for applying for children?

After that, children who have not yet reached the age of 25 (unless they have at least one year of work or at least one year of work-able childhood), and who have not yet reached the age of 25, can apply for a second home. If you have previously requested similar support, such as socopolt, you will be able to claim the amount reduced by previous support. After the 12th week of pregnancy, fetuses and twins are taken into account when they have existing children.

6. Could the applicant have another home?

You may have ownership of the CSOK in other homes, but only up to 50 percent. The exception is those whose home ownership is encumbered with a usufructuary right (such as, for example, a lease or a pre-11 January 2016 contract, such as a grant), as well as a property owned by a CSOK. . In the case of married couples and life partners, both of them must acquire ownership. If the property is sold 5 years prior to the purchase of the CSOK, the sale price must be accounted for by its own merits.

7. What about single, life partners, non-common children?

In single cases, children living with and in need of a single household are counted, as are children in the household. In the case of married couples with non-married children, all children who live and move with the couple should be considered. If the partners also have non-common children, it is necessary to determine which children are eligible for the higher lump sum allowance.

8. Do I have a TB relationship?

You must be certified by a document not older than 30 days that you have been insured under the Hungarian social security system and have been continuously (at least 30 days interrupted) or have completed a full-time higher education study in the EG. Graduates of the Poles are exempt from certification of TB status.

9. What is a home?

It is a quality property with a living space of over 12 square meters and a kitchen (at least 4 square meters), as well as a bathroom and toilet. In addition, the provision of cogenerated electricity, the unique heating mode, is also required. Heating can also be central heating or distant heating.

10. When can you sell a used home acquired by CSOK?

Applicants and children must live in their homes for at least 10 years after the flux. At the time of the contract, the state registers the property on the property for 10 years, with a ban on alienation and encumbrance. If the child is away for study purposes, it is not a violation of the rule. Just as if you or your child is in need of health care, you are dependent on your child for up to 5 years of work, a child relocates or a family member moves to a sheltered accommodation due to work.10 + 1 How much can you claim for a used home?For one child: 600 thousand HUF
Two children: HUF 1,430,000
Three children: HUF 2,200,000
For one or more children, $ 2,000
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