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Have you heard of Seprыsrбcru? Or would a psychologist in fairy tales be a little more interested? Three interesting books to offer!

Finy Petra: Seprыsrбc messйi

You're suffering from bad bones
Read it before you buy it. Tйnyleg! Some people come in with "teen slang as adults think" and name them after explaining the clichéd phrases to ovis. Our whites, Rufus Rafael, is a chick fever who is always malevolent and has to sweep the terrace. In order to have more fun, he figured out Seprыsrbc, who always gives him a lesson in teaching about the current injustice. Of course, these tales can be well talked about with our own gossip.
$ 2,350

Annambria Kardar: Mesopsychology

Developing emotional intelligence in childhood У, that sounds very scientific! But don't be scared! Annamaria Kard's story, while based on a truly scientific basis, is so exciting, anecdotal, and quirky, revealing to us the next steps in children's development that you won't even miss it. At the end of the book, you will find dozens of intelligence intelligence developer stories, which are good for storing evenings, but you can "process" them more thoroughly: talk about them and play the story.
Keyhole Publishing
$ 3,150

Philippe Pozzo di Borgo: Йletrevalуk

Second Run Have you seen the movie? A man in a tragedy comes out of the cinema with a smile. A tetraplegic (ie, down-to-the-sin) millionaire, Philippe is looking for a polo and makes an unexpected decision: he chooses a color-skinned adult boy in the ghetto who does not regret it for a minute and rebuilds all restrictions. After filming the film, Philippe thought he needed to revise his life story as he saw it himself. You won't scream as you read it, but you can hardly put it down. I think this is the exception when I suggest that you watch the movie first, then read the book.
Sanoma Media
2600 Ft