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The top 10 breeds if you want a dog for your kid

Habber Lassie - who "always comes home" - is very loving, and it may not be ideal for a family that doesn't have enough space. We've collected a couple of important points that can help you decide which one to choose.

Dog and kid, two friends

Dr. Holly Putnam, American animal writer and veterinarian, there are three main points to consider when purchasing a family dog: vйrmйrsйklet, mйret йs energetikussбg.The dog's identity is determined by the dog. For example, a quieter temperament can make very tight ties with a person, and it can be an excellent choice for a small child. It is important to consider your favorite size in relation to your temperament and energy ratio. How energetic a dog can be can greatly influence your choices, but you should remain realistic when it comes to your choice. The demands of a larger moving dog may not be met in everyday life.

Here's a list of the top 10 family dogs by expert:

10. Bulldog
9. Beagle
8. Bull Terrier
7. Skуt juhбsz
6. Ъjfundlandi
5. Beagle
4. Нr setter
3. Uszkбr
2. Labrador
1. Golden Retriever

Bulldog: White, good-natured, very balanced and gentle dog. Cheerful and friendly, spontaneous and enthusiastic, yet calm in the home, responsive to the atmosphere in the environment. A meaningful kind that thinks about things, but still very obedient. The Bulldog is very weak and likes to be close to his family.

Beagle: Beagle is an intelligent, good-looking dog, characterized by endless patience and compassion for children. Because of its size, its characteristics and its high resistance to disease, it can be kept even in a residential home. Thanks to its creativity, even children can be entertained. It is important, however, that the Beagle is not a puppy, but a real sports dog, a cop. There is no need to be afraid that children will be "overly fond" of their overly affectionate, but at the same time, they need the "hunt" of exercise.

Bull Terrier: Agile, intelligent, courageous, determined, determined breed. At the same time, the standard must be characterized by balance and agility, as well as calm nature and discipline. Termйszetы pleasant. Faithful and affectionate to his farmer, calm towards children. He protects his loved ones everywhere, except a housekeeper.

Sheep Shepherd: Ideal for a family dog, calm and trustworthy, because of her love and patience, she can be recommended for quite small children. Very smart.

Newfoundland: Good-natured, friendly, gentle, honest, easy to handle. Usually very beige, mainly in the apartment. She is friendly with people and animals, and very kind with her family. It doesn't bark much, so if it sounds loud, it should be taken seriously. The Newfoundland is an exclusive area, no problem, and generally welcomes other dogs. Very patient and fun with the kids.

Vizsla: The short-haired Hungarian Vizsla is not only a hunting dog, but also a favorite of the family and the playmate of the children, because its intelligence and adaptability make it suitable. Calm, affectionate, sensitive, hard to bear, but a loving farmer would bring the stars down. It is very easy to teach, but not a housewife.

Нr Setter: We are a lively, agile dog, always ready to play. Neapple is a family favorite, but keep in mind that it requires a lot of exercise and occupation.

Poodle: The poodle has excellent intellectual abilities and is in dire need of close contact. A lot of things about the host itself, and watching him, he regrets. Highly energetic, alive. It also melts from the caress of the smallest owner. It is smooth and smooth, with very sensitive bodies.

Labrador Retriever: A balanced dog with a number of positive traits, aggressiveness and liveliness. She is a very worthy animal, loves working with and for her farmer. Obedient, ready, playful, a real family dog.

Golden Retriever: A very friendly breed, so great for a family dog ​​and a good choice for a kid. She is very attached to her master and learns quickly. A playful, at the same time, excellent hunting dog, but with a gentle companion for the children, flawless temperament. Intelligent, easy to train, a true family favorite, friendly to everyone.

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