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Baby Led Weaning, BLW

If you are wondering what to give your older baby a baby, and you can't decide whether milk, grated apples or baked milk is the first one, we try to help a little.

Take care of the baby!

Among the most frequently asked questions about breastfeeding advice are: hozzбtбplбlбs all of her cuneiforms, but most of all, how do we start with what to get for the baby and when. Why is it so complicated?
Because that is what they have done for decades. Starting with setting milliliters in many places today, how much steaks a baby needs to eat, and exactly when, what kind of vegetable, and how much food should be left over - , say honestly: with a superfluous rule and a strange rule. Many moms are still advised to sugar your milk thoroughly, and then your baby will eat.
I bet you have to reduce the number of breastfeeding, and there will never be a normal eating, separated child in your life. Well, no, of course ... Well, I am not at all surprised that it has been gaining popularity by some other straightforward method, the English abbreviation for BLW (Baby Led Weaning), which is for the baby. That's what we in Kismamba do elvбlasztуdбs, expressing that Initiating a baby, not in the adult's hands.

Good-natured and natural!

If you think about it, it's not such a bad writing language! It takes a lot of brainwork and unnecessary effort to try to rely on your sanity. First of all, it is quite obvious and obvious that solid foods have certain developmental conditions: the size of the baby he can grab his hand and put things into his mouth, He inquires about foodwhen he saw you eat; if you plant it, can live, and a careful dietary person csуcsбlgatбs after swallowing.
Whether your digestive system, your enzyme production, is mature, you can see whether it is digesting food in an insatiable way or in an unrecognizable form. We can also mention the existence of teeth, but experience shows that tooth play at very different times, and most broccoli, boiled marshmallow, chicken legs. Excessive babies are not able to do these things before the age of six months, and most of them should wait until now for the introduction of food.

With hand or cannula?

We could also assume that the request is paper or piece. One of the basic attributes of the BLW is that feeding with a cannula carries certain risks: the food on the inside of the baby's mouth is so high that there is a high risk of over-exposure. Second, it is a fact that the cannula is an elaborate exercise that few children are capable of before their first day of birth, which means that you have to control the feeding when your baby is at the age when you want to discover everything.
The can is used to dispense liquid, spicy foods that are of the same consistency and color to the right, as opposed to a wide variety of colors, tact, and gravity. Pepper dishes are usually blended from a variety of ingredients, although the pieces can be made by the baby himself: this is what I am asking for and not now. Believe that the piece of food is more easily absorbed by the baby. This may be true for very tiny pieces, such as raisins, hazelnuts.
Tweezers are needed to pinch the small piece of the piece, which is expected to do so when you are likely to be able to capture the tiny pieces. In the meantime, it's worth giving your baby a bunch of pieces, because you can grab them well and grab some.

Timing Requests

According to BLW, you do not need to combine breastfeeding with breastfeeding, but recommend that you treat the two separately. The point is, don't stick to any rules but try it, what do you think leginkбbb. Unless you are aiming for a baby to be weaned as soon as possible, do not miss breastfeeding. After all, breastfeeding is not just a diet, but a comfort, a touch, a warmth for a baby that he or she may need at any time of the day, not only when he is hungry.
This is completely normal, not worth wasting your time on. You may want to note that one day your voucher will arrive. All you have to do is make the right choices with the right choices. Put a small plastic case or tray on the front and place different pieces of food in the size of the baby bag mentioned above.
According to the BLW, at most, allergic family history or some form of digestive disorder, disease, metabolic disorder can justify deciding between raw materials, some besides certain ones, after six months. It doesn't matter if bread, a piece of cheese or broccoli leaves are on that tray, and it's good to have them all, because then your baby can choose.The basic rule of BLW 11
  1. Let your baby take part in the family get-togethers and sit with you at the table!
  2. The baby should be in an upright position when eating. Sit in your nourishment or in your garden.
  3. Give a handful of baby food, and be careful with what you eat, of course within the constraints.
  4. Give him a generous choice.
  5. Do not hurry or help him with food, do not put food in his mouth.
  6. Do not expect to eat certain quantities (incessantly), this is the baby.
  7. Later reward what you rejected.
  8. Always with him when he eats.
  9. Do not give unsafe or unhealthy food. This subheading includes hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, sugary and cooked foods, as well as treats and preparations, including appetizers.
  10. Continue breastfeeding on demand! If you are breastfeeding or have a high risk of allergy in your family, seek advice from your pediatrician.
  11. Drink water for your drink, but don't be surprised if you don't ask for it. Breastfeeding still covers your fluid needs.

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