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The top 6 cycles are followed by application

If you are not planning a baby, it may be very useful to have a menstrual calendar app to keep track of your cycle. We have collected the best domestic and foreign applications!

The top 6 cycles are followed by applicationA good cycle following application does not suffice if you are just predicting your next menstrual period, as there are many other useful features, not to mention that it doesn't matter if it's free (right?). Here are the 6 best apps on the market.

1. WomanLog Calendar (English)

iPhone: Free
Android: FreeThis app, which is also useful in Hungarian, is a great idea, with cute little notes to tell you all about your mood, from headaches to nausea and acne. You can keep track of your weight and body temperature changes, which the app provides daily, weekly and monthly statistics, which you can view on a super chart. It is, of course, a good idea to get a warning when taking a pill, but you can also use it during pregnancy when it comes to small applications called WomanLog Pregnancy.

2. Periodic Calendar (English)

Android: FreeWhile available only on Android, it is worth mentioning roulette, as there is a small piece of stuff put together in a very simple and user-friendly way. It contains all the important basic functions, and you can also specify whether you are freezing or gaining weight by adjusting your symptoms. Cute smileys do not miss me either, which can help you change your monthly "status" with a look and a professional. No wonder there are more than 4 million downloads.

3. Hölgygydár (Hungarian)

iPhone: Free
Android: FreeThis recent menstruation calendar alerts you to the upcoming date of the annual Feminine Screening Examination from regular reminders. Moreover, in addition to keeping track of all the important information about your cycle, you can pass it on directly to your women as well. The sugar factor is lower than the other two Hungarian app, but apart from that it is a simple, modern, lovable interface.

4. Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker (English)

iPhone: Free
Android: FreeThe specialty of this English app is that you know everything else, but you can also check your lifestyle. One click to add how much you are here, how much you are moving or sleeping that day, even sync with the Apple Heath App and protect your data with the Touch ID fingerprint reader.

5. My Cycles (English)

iPhone: Free
Android: FreeThis is one of the most popular, most expensive apps. By default, it calculates your expected menstruation, fertile days, and ovulation for 12 months in advance. You can save your daily notes, your symptoms, your mood, or what medications you are taking, and even give you warnings about your productive days when you are planning a baby, or on the contrary, it also reminds you when you are extra careful.

6. Cycles (English)

iPhone: FreeThe only app you can use with your PC! That doesn't come at a bad time if you're just thicker and quicker than usual, and he knows exactly why, because he'll be back soon. Besides, even if you are planning a baby, you will not be in the mood for the most productive days without ever having to coordinate a romantic evening. Another special feature of the app is that if you have a menstrual period, for example, instead of stuttering and waking up, you just have to scroll to the right place in your cycle.Related articles in the menstrual calendar:
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