Six people sleep together - Not a legacy!

If anyone, Kim Constable knows what coexistence means. The mother with her child was bored with the night commute between the different children's rooms and the bedroom, so she decided to sleep with her family!

Co-existence has many advantages

kim, her husband, the 11-year-old Corey, the 9 years Kai, the 6 year old Maya And the 5 year old Jack they all sleep together in a bed of more than 5 meters - writes "One of my kids is bad, the other wants a glass of water in the middle of the night," Kim tells her. after a long day's shift into a permanent sleep, so they decided they all sleep together. It turned out to be the best decision of our lives, however strange people are. And there is another weirdness in their sleeping habits: the time of bedtime.

In this case, everyone freaks out! Photo:

The mother you ask your children when they want to go to bed. Usually everyone falls asleep between 10am and 11pm, but there are also some great occasions. Parents make sure that children get to bed in good time, with clean teeth and pajamas, where the evening ceremony is always followed by a talk or a fairy tale. But the time of falling asleep has changed for everyone. While younger people fall asleep between 8-9 after one last day, Corey, 11, is awake at night and many times before dawn. We do not wake up in the morning for the next two days, so let's just let it rest. How is that possible? The way that children study at home is so that they do not have an early morning agenda like their colleagues who go to school. Parents bring up their children in a very free spirit, let their inner lord wake up and lie down in the middle of the bed. What do other people do for this? Well, they are either very jealous or very outraged. Many people realize the enormous amount of sleep they can get when they are all asleep, but others find it impossible to ever do so. Some people are always worried that coexistence is unsafe because, for example, they lie in love with their baby. Well, in such a big day it's impossible. Everyone here has enough space!Related Articles:
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