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You left alone?

You left alone?

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Even if you are one of the only families you know, all alone is harder, but not impossible. The first thing you have to do is face the truth: what you have been doing so far is mostly something you have to solve alone.

You left alone?

Kirбly Mуnika we have talked with you about how to avoid the common pitfalls of family life. child. Most often, however, the structure of the family changes because of the breakup of the relationship. With the children stays still and usually - in eighty-seven cases - the mother.- The choice not a difficult genre - says the specialist. - You can, of course, do it smartly, in the least you can. But there's no chance we'll completely break the bad days. Couples in the split often consume all their energy by licking their own wounds - and even small children with light eyes behind the door are often never caught. Then the election is over, the passions are over, and so is it New family is born: single, or more like "a cheap baby." Everyone has to find their place in this new system - the one who has stepped out and the one who has left, as the child has the right to both parents. The good thing is, if the kid can see that he still has his dad and his mom, just the rules of the game have changed.

It could be

Andrea's husband did not keep up with the anticipation and pay unpaid after the stormy election. Finally, the mother goes through the local family helpline service mediбtorhe was able to seat the parties at a table, and was able to steer the meeting so that parents were not distracted. - The hardest thing at first is continuous bizonytalansбg "I didn't know what to expect when my ex-boyfriend was coming, and I also had a hard time wearing the kids back home from the daddy night or just didn't want to leave," says Andrea. - I put on my gloves and fought. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that much for the kids. Now, with the help of a psychologist, I have been able to close my marriage to myself, but I also know that girls need their father.

Let's stay kid!

The five-year-old Viki is drawing: Mom, Chi, her and Dad are standing side by side. When you're done, he'll take a thick graphite, and abbot will ablate it abundantly from the rest, almost splitting the paper. they can respond in a variety of ways that their parents don't live together anymore, says the expert. - Dac, hysterics, or even an inward turn, even illness. Often it happens blame themselves the story. It is because they are easily identified with the senses of adults, if they find that the mother is suffering, that they have left, they too will do the same. However, their job is still that they have to be childish, play forever, improve. It is extremely important that the child has time to process their stories, and they can also be sad. If the parent is sincere - that is, his attitude and what he says is in tune - then the feelings will be easier to place. the agenda, the playmates, and the safety of the parents in the presence. It is very important that the baby physical and mental aidduring this period. If he is better, the child will feel better.

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Melinda he was left alone with his three little boys after his election. Her parents were not dead anymore, and she left her friends alone when her couple moved to town with her husband. In the first days she suffered a great deal of the burden, but she did not have money for her boyfriend, her baby. You just found some help - you came across our Home Help Foundation page on the Internet. She met one With self-help, who also took the part out of our house, but my greatest suggestion was the mere presence: Melinda was not alone in stumbling upon the stories, they were talking. Of course, the children reacted immediately to the change of mom, and there was less and less of the hysterics, nocturnal spitting, and nursing.More information:

Single weekdays

The life of the family is transformed into something of a whirlwind by storms, a new order: everyday life, visibility, how much the father and grandparents worry about the children. What's more, it's countless decision-making responsibility pushing the parent's parenting child.What kind of school should I find? - Your request is typically like that, since it's mostly him who has to bring the little one. But he also lives up to the fact that the little one can't sleep well, peeing again, or getting bumped. It is up to him to decide how long it is normal to ask for help and out, and of course to endure remorse that he is not doing enough to become a "problem" for the child. you have to stand aloneaccident, illness, cracking, and the like when you have to make a quick decision and find solutions. If, instead of asking for help, the mother goes to the very end and chooses the weight, she can't give the little one what she needs most: a secure hold. Luckily, tбmaszt. Many mothers look for like-minded friends who understand their problems and have the opportunity to help or give good advice. Many people move to their parents, or at least have a closer relationship with them, or maybe their brothers and sisters seek help. With a small family behind such a trusted backdrop, the little ones will feel safe and calm about what they are doing - they can play, be sad, cheerful, kind and cheeky - just like any kid.

It could be

Bea she returned to work shortly before her husband moved to the country. She couldn't have dreamed about raising children together. The young Lili and the two-year-old Marci were taken to the door, to the chick in the morning, and at one time they rushed over to shop, make a meal, and cook dinner. Two months later I was afraid it was not going to be a good idea to start a new system.First, I was looking for a grocery store you can order the bar. Then he searched for an affordable destination to bring me dinner three times a week. Finally, she found a woman who cleaned the apartment thoroughly once a month. And if you want to have a program alone or go out for an "adult" chat, call your girlfriend, Baby, or bring in kids who want to sleep there and play with others. This relationship is expensive, Belgium can always count Bera. They don't want to ask each other, because we know the other one will tell you if you have a problem.

What can you do for a kid?

- Don't look for support - it will put a lot of pressure on the little ones.
- But you have to give your child support.
- Don't share your sins with her, but don't hide them - adjust to your age, your needs!
- Build your confidence, you have a great need for it now.
- Emphasize that what happened is not their fault!
- Don't scold your ex before the kid, don't tune in!
- If your dad is not in your life, be sure to keep a number of men on the regular - this could be a grandpa, uncle, a good friend.

What can you do for yourself?

- Don't lock yourself up!
- Come follow your law!
- Look for mothers in similar situations!
- Ask for help if you don't go alone!

What's good is good!

- higher family bullies
- maintain a child - agreed upon by the father in the will. If you do not pay, the state pays the maintenance. To do this, you must submit your application to the regionally competent filing office.
- more sick time in case of a child's illnessUseful titles, "single" readings:
Family and Children's Wellness Center, 1027 Budapest, Szabsz Kбroly u. Second
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