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Eco-friendly Detergents - What to Choose?

If you want to be more aware of the laundry area, use less chemicals, do not believe that you can only use laundry and soap. We show you the possibilities.

Eco-friendly detergents - What to choose for Eco-friendly, eco-detergents that are better for baby, baby skin, are very easy to find, available on drug stores, in larger hypermarkets, are available in many containing their phosphates. We have collected the best-known, easy-to-access brands to help you make the change.


You will also find hypoallergenic detergents and rinse aids with Anandam's products, which contain natural fragrances, and you can wash your baby's clothes at least 3 months old. In fact, you can also find allergen-free products in their webshop that are recommended for cleaning moms and babies up to 3 months old, as they are fragrance-free, skin-friendly detergents. Detergents and rinses are available in powders, fruits, citrus, and a variety of floral fragrances.Where can you get it? We recommend your own web store and online organic stores.Laundry service: approx. 1700-2000 Ft / lBlinds: approx. 1300-2000 Ft / l


Souldrops is a domestic brand, whose products are mostly made from vegetable ingredients, and do not contain phosphorus, phosphanate, parabens, petroleum products, artificial colors. Detergents and rinse aids are also available at the brand, and even their website will include dishwasher detergents.Where can you get it? You can find Souldrops products in numerous drugstores and hypermarkets, so you can get it very easily.Laundry service: approx. 1000-1100 Ft / lBlinds: approx. 600-700 Ft / l


Herbow products are made of laundry detergent, among our products we find laundry ball, liquid detergent, wash perfume, stain remover, even, washerless, washerless. Made from natural plants and light ingredients, the Hungarian family started to develop products based on one of the brand's foundations, because her baby was allergic to all the other detergents she was using. The products are especially recommended for pregnant women, babies, sensitive skin, skin problems, allergies.Where can you get it? You can buy the products in the brand's webshop and in larger drug stores.Laundry service: approx. 1400-1600 Ft / lMosуsparfьm бr: approx. 1000 Ft / l


Ecover is one of the world's largest manufacturers of eco-cleaners and detergents, so you can find a wide variety of products, from household cleaners to rinse aids, stain removers and detergents. Their products are made from natural herbs and light ingredients, are non-allergenic, and the packaging is made from 75% sugar and 25% recyclable plastic to reduce the burden on the environment.Where can you get it? You can also purchase Ecover products online or find a brand in a variety of hypermarkets, drugstores, green stores, and organic stores.Laundry service: approx. 1600-3200 Ft / lBlinds: approx. 1300-1500 Ft / l


In addition to Ecover, Frosch is also a brand in a number of stores with a wide range of detergents. There is also a hypoallergenic, skin-friendly variation specifically designed for baby dolls, and even a baby spot cleanser spray that can be used to prevent stubborn stubborn stains.Where can you get it? You can also find Frosch products in online webshops, major hypermarkets, drugstores, and organic stores.Laundry service: approx. 1600-2200 Ft / lBlinds: approx. 1050-1300 Ft / l


Among the Hungarian eco-brands, Greenland probably has the widest range of products: detergents, dishwashers, bathroom and kitchen cleaners, and overhead cleaners. The detergent family complies with EU ecolabel criteria, environmental regulations, decomposition products that also water.Where can you get it? Like two big foreign brands, Ecover and Frosch, you will find the products online and on the shelves of major retail chains and drugstores.Laundry service: approx. 700-900 Ft / l


Although you will not find a detergent among the Cycle brands, we still recommend a product line that includes a general overhead cleaner, toilet cleaner and bathroom cleaner for the time being. The products created by two Hungarian scientists - a chemist and a biologist - are 100% cyclic, completely non-petroleum-based cleaners made from biomass. So we do not use our fresh fresh water supplies for their supply, as they are made with purified water and renewable energy, using more than 90% of the raw materials used once.Where can you get it? You can buy products at DM stores.Detergents and rinse-off prices, where available, come from their own webshop. Where there was no brand on the website, we used the online brands of online stores and major drugstores!Related links: